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Discussion in 'Columbus Crew' started by fidlerre, Oct 20, 2004.

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    MyShap has provided HPI with an excellent 2004 College Player Database.

    It'll be updated weekly per new stats and such. Enjoy.

    <We are still working out kinks with the programming and apologize for any errors>
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    I think we should be thinking long and hard about trying to snag Abe Thompson with our first round draft pick. Knox Cameron (nice touch with the school name in the database!) and Justin Cook (a little light for his height) are two other players I wouldn't mind getting a crack at later in the draft, if they last.

    I haven't seen Gabe Bernstein play, but he's gigantic, and in his third season as a captain at Penn State. That alone speaks volumes. He might be a nice understudy to Elliott & Sanneh.

    There are some gigantic defenders in this year's class (Brett Branan, Zach Knight, Brian Kluckman). I'd like to get one big defender who can play in this year's draft too.

    Basically, if we can get two guys who can contribute right away, I'd have to say it would be a pretty successful draft. Unfortunately for us, the draft is shallow in midfielders.
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    I couldn't resist the Meatchicken jibe. I tried just typing UM, but every time my hand just slipped on the sc first. Maybe it's carple tunnel???

    Unfortuantly the Crew don't have a first round pick, unless by some miracle KC has to give the Crew their #1 for the Walsh trade. They will, however, mostly have two late 2nd rounders. Who knows maybe the Crew can trade for a #1. For instance, I doubt Chicago really wants more youth on their club and they have the #3 pick.

    I agree with your assement, the Crew should go after a forward first. Especially if Cunny is indeed traded or let go. Although the forward depth this year is so deep it will be hard to pick up a bad one. Then a nice young CB to go with Akwari and Marshall for future depth and then as always a left sided player.

    With the streangth of forwards in the draft the Crew should definatly use their allocation on an a-mid and maybe use their discovery selections as trade bait.

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