How's our roster look for next year?

Discussion in 'Columbus Crew' started by cleazer, Nov 19, 2004.

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    We lost two players today, but apparently the league is upping the roster size for next year, so we're going to need a ton of replacements.

    I think we're set at forward, with Edson, Jeff, and Dante. Especially if we're going to stick with the old one-forward system.

    We're set at GK too. No need for a third.

    So we need to pick up a defender or two, plus some midfielders, preferably offensive-minded midfielders.

    I noticed that the metros left Joselito Vaca unprotected. Any chance we could work out some sort of deal to trade Denton for Vaca?
  2. POdinCowtown

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    Jan 15, 2002
    Denton has no trade value. I think Vaca becomes an SI next year and I imagine he could be obtained in a trade. I don't think we really need him though. We need a coach, a coach, a striker, perhaps a young left sided player to develop, a coach, and an heir to Fraser. Probably Marshall will move inside if we don't have Robin, in which case we would need a LB.

    We lost Akwari and Scott. We should have protected Nelson but it's water under the bridge. We need to resign Duncan. I expect Mais will retire and Denton should be cut. Rosters are expanding and reserve team play is possible. We'll probably have 8-10 new players next year.
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    Just curious. I've read all the press about the club size expanding and the number of SI increasing; but I have yet to see any updates salary cap (team and player) rules...

    Did I miss them?

    Have they increased roster sizes but not the cap? If so I would have placed a premium on good, young players that do their jobs, earn a good wage, but don't break our bank (i.e. Akwari, Wingert).

    We had to put Herdsman on PIR to get Dante (roster size and salary cap). Subtract Akwari and Scott but add Herdsman. We're all assuming Maisonneuve will retire at some point, sizable chunk of change freed up.

    I'd be interested to see what happens in the superdraft this year. We are still holding one allocation, correct?
  4. Raoul

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    Sep 19, 1999
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    Vaca and Kmart (Sears?) are way too similar, IMO, to have on the same team.

    We're potentially this at D-mid. Anyone interested in Ricardo Clark & think he could play D-mid?
  5. Monk Monster

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    Jun 12, 2004
    Quote: "I think we're set at forward, with Edson, Jeff, and Dante. Especially if we're going to stick with the old one-forward system."
    I disagree. Look for the Crew to go in a different direction next year r/t forwards. The Dante experiment didn't work and I think you'll see Cunningham on a different roster next year. Look for Edson/Martino or Edson/Testo up top next year. Buddle and Testo played well together on the U-23s. Potential chemistry would be much better.

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