Howard to get new deal.

Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls' started by ToddP25, Aug 2, 2002.

  1. ToddP25

    ToddP25 Member

    Apr 19, 1999
    Richmond, VA
  2. mscheffel

    mscheffel New Member

    Jul 29, 1999
    NJ, US
    Howard would be crazy to leave. He has the best chance at developing with the Metros where he faces 50-60 shots a game.
  3. Speedball

    Speedball Member

    Feb 27, 1999
    Harrison Stadium
    The other day, there was a sports business show on MSG. They interviewed Timmy & his agent and they said that his services were worth $500K a year. He also said he would love to play in Europe if he couldn't get that kind of money here.
  4. ToddP25

    ToddP25 Member

    Apr 19, 1999
    Richmond, VA
    I will preface this with I am expecting to get flamed....

    I hope they don't max Howard....if he wants the metros to break the bank, I say we try and sell him off.....There are too many good keepers in this country to lose that much cap space on him....
  5. I am Joe²

    I am Joe² New Member

    Jan 10, 2001
    DJ Countess!!
    oh wait
  6. GIO17

    GIO17 Member

    Nov 29, 1998
    ToodP25: Considered yourself flammed.

    SHMUCK! We traded away DJ Countess to Dallas. You tell me right now who can replace Timmy. Paul Grafer is capeable, but we need someone for the long term. Now tell me who you want to come over here.
  7. ToddP25

    ToddP25 Member

    Apr 19, 1999
    Richmond, VA
    Personally I would have kept Countess......but, since Nick and Co. have foresight for sh!t and dropped the ball with that one, we would be stuck....We all saw this coming....Howards contract would come up and this would happen. With all of the other holes we have, I think tying up the max plus on the keeper position is nuts....

    Answer me this though.......We pay Tim, Clint, and Mama...league max......
    828 Celo's we have room to pay for another 14 quality players? I don't think so.....
  8. soccer freak 425

    soccer freak 425 New Member

    Jul 24, 2001
    as much as i would personally prefer to keep tim in the MLS, there is nothing i can do...he has had a life-long dream of playing in Europe and if he can get on a good team w/ sufficient salary and all the playing time he wants then why should we stop him in the end i would love to see tim play in the mls but if he can become a better player in europe and in the future help the us nats then so be it thats what we want and need...wherever tim goes i will support him as a player/person and wish him all the luck on and off the field
  9. jamison

    jamison Member

    Sep 25, 2000
    I can't believe that he would be dumb enough to re-sign with MLS. Think about it, if he re-signs, then MLS has to broker a deal to get him to Europe. He has only to look 7 feet down the bench to Mathis to see how well that works. Why not let the contract run out, and try to go to Europe on a free. Maybe he has to sign a year or two contract with someone like Bolton or West Brom before he gets a decent starting job, but if he excells then he is years closer to his goal (plus, no transfer fee means more money to the player in salary (ask Steve McManaman)). If he goes to Europe and can't land a job, he comes back to MLS and signs for basically the same money. I don't think MLS will kill themselves to sign him (guessing they will offer about $150k at most), so I don't think he will lose much if anything by giving Europe a shot. Does he really think if Europe doesn't pay off that MLS will only offer $ 60k? I'm sure they are threatening, but good young keepers are valuable. He could land a job in Germany D2 or England D1 (even the SPL) and get a chance to compete for the starter's spot.
  10. K.P.

    K.P. Member

    Mar 18, 2001
    Philadelphia Union
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    I think Tim should sign a two or three year deal for at least 200k per year and then head to Europe.
  11. viper

    viper New Member

    Jun 7, 2000
    Paramus, NJ
    New York Red Bulls
    Nat'l Team:
    United States

    How about we bring back Ammann, a better keeper than Near Post Timmy, any day (Am I ever going to get flamed for that one - Ha, Ha). Ammann I think is injured plus Ray Hudson likes his boy Rimando anyway so this is the obvious solution.
  12. Sweeper

    Sweeper New Member

    Feb 11, 1999
    Grafer is a more then adequate keeper, who could be a starter for us quite easily.

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