How Was I? (German national team in Confedrations Cup)

Discussion in 'Germany' started by F96, Jul 6, 2005.

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    Re: Anyone want to help translate?

    I think this article is absolutely great:

    Someone should translate it!!
    And with "someone" i mean someone whose English is way better than mine.
    I can try it but I know I will be getting problems to translate the humour and irony in it.
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    Re: Anyone want to help translate?

    Here is my effort. Not near as funny as the original but maybe you can get the idea.

    How was I?

    subjective players breakdowns after the Confed Cup

    The Goalies

    Oliver Kahn: Played the whole tourney, that is, unless Lehmann played or Hildebrand played. Only allowed in the whole tourney six goals and kept getting betterbetterbetterbetter. Against Australia only three of the three shots went into the back of the net. As a person, the team can't do without him: Als Typ unverzichtbar fürs Team: Isn't his brooding nature (?) refreshing. Otherwise, nobody could have dealt with this never-ending euphoria. With his wild clearances out of bounds looks like he is trying get in line for Robert Huth's position.

    Jens Lehmann: Played the whole tourney, that is, unless Kahn played or Hildebrand played. Played well but couldn't replace Kahn the person. Was never really able to inspire the defense with entertaining mistakes. The highpoint was boredom: didn't allow any goals against Tunisia, which led to Klinsmann declaring Kahn the definite number one. But was able to get Klinsi to reintroduce the rotation system by allowing in three goals against Brazil. With his precise clearances looks like he is trying to take over Per Mertesacker's position.

    Timo Hildebrand: Played the whole tourney, except the games against Australia, Tunesia, Brazil and Mexico. Showed against Argentina how close he is to Kahn's ability: Five shots, two goals - not a bad rate. A small minus was the fact that he was able to save a goal on crowd favorite Robert Huth's header back to the keeper.

    tune in later for more, but will gladly accept help.
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    Re: Anyone want to help translate?

    Ah, you're the best.
    But I think it would be better to post the translation in Official German "Nationalmannschaft" thread.
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    Re: Anyone want to help translate?

    Yes I am :)

    to continue


    Arne Friedrich: "Herr Friedrich, don't you think that for once you were able to get the most out of yourself by playing wonderfull at right back and that you are one of the success stories of the tourney?" - "Coach has to make that decision“ Come on, Arne.

    Andreas Hinkel: Arrived with a rare disease. During the season contracted Morbus Sammer, a defensive virus that leads to chronic insecurity. Was allowed to play against Argentina and Mexico and started the recovery process with runs up the line and an assist. Get well soon.

    Patrick Owomoyela: Has cool hair. Didn't have to sweat.

    Robert Huth: Is not Brasilian, but still has a pseudonym. Huth is now Huuuuth. Embodies German characteristics as long as that means to look like a bear but to be beaten in the end. He also has English characteristics: Can change things in his direction with a few body checks. Was able to recover during the tourney and was rewarded with a goal against Mexico.

    Per Mertesacker: Doesn't have a pseudonym. Merte sounds like not much and Acker has already been taken by a player from Hannover who later became chancellor. Mertesacker will certainly never have to undergo a vote of confidence. He has received so much responsibility that he should start to worry. But not him. He is so cool that he can start the offense. Isn't that too much for a 20-year old? Was responsible for a goal against Mexico-thank god!

    Thomas Hitzlsperger: Has a great left foot, which is a disadvantage in Germany. As a result, you have to play left back even if you aren't one. Improved wonderfully but still isn't one. Germany hopes for Philipp to return soon and a place in Midfield for Hitzlsperger.

    Bernd Schneider: Played four different postions including left (!) back (!!) and is starting to annoy his teammates. He plays so well that he is a threat to everybody. When will he eye Huth's position? When will he enter the goalie rotation? Klinsi' secret plans: Goalie Schneider plays the ball to defender Schneider who plays the ball to midfielder Schneider who continues the ball to the right winger Schneider who crosses to forward Schneider for a goal. Of course this will be intensive and Schneider will be substituted for Schneider.

    Christian Schulz: Came into camp, injured himself and returned home. Should have played left back. See also Hitzlsperger and Schneider.
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    This was split from the "Help Translate" thread.

    Thank you, ohk4, for your efforts!!!!
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    no problem. Some of it is a little bit too literal but some of it was done after one too many beers.
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    not bad :)

    true about Schulz though, he should be used as LB until Lahm is back
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    Great job ... thanks for the effort.

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