How to watch Chinese football matchs Live online

Discussion in 'China' started by greenlion, Mar 10, 2006.

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    I find a lot of humor in that people are pirating Chinese things to outsiders instead of the other way around.

    It does suck having a Mac for things like this though.
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    Can anybody help me in finding out which channels in China currently broadcast the games from the CSL, how many games are televised per week, and what would be the best cable/satellite system to catch the most games possible per week. Any help is appreciated.
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    i see some games (important games) are featured on CCTV5.
    i dun live in china so i am not sure what channels broadcast the match (i heard that BTV broadcast some of the matches too).

    if you want to watch CSL, i suggest streaming on firstrowsports.
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    I found all of the CSL matches and even Asian WC Qualifiers on archive at this site: for CSL for the Asian WC Qualifiers

    For CSL: Its mostly Chinese, but if you cant read it, there is a bar that is on the top of the page with the score and the ROUND #. You can go back to each week and click on each match, it will launch the full match re-run. I think it has some highlights there too.

    AWCQ is the same, you should see a score bar and navigate back and forward.

    I dont think anything is live and you have to wait a few days for it to show up.

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