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    May 25, 1999
    (Yes, I'm reposting this on all the group sub-forums.)

    If you don't know what trolling and flaming are then please, please, please see the FAQ.

    Never respond to a troll or a flame.

    Instead you should always report trolling and flaming. By reporting posts (and posters) you insure the mods see problems a timely manner.

    You can report a post by clicking the "[​IMG]" button next to offending post. Just say a word or two about what's wrong with the post (or poster) and send the report. The mods will deal with it ASAP.

    Also, as some of you know, if you troll or flame once too many you will be banned from the WC06 forums. What's once too many? It's one time more after you've already been warned by private message. (If you don't check your private messages regularly that's your problem.)

    Got questions? Ask'em below.

    Happy posting!
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    Nobody reads stickies. So if I bump this for a couple days more people will see it. :p
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