How many suporter's tonight?

Discussion in 'Real Salt Lake' started by G Enriquez, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. G Enriquez

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    Apr 1, 2002
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    How many suporters are Real expecting
    for tonights home opener?
  2. Blitzz Supporter

    May 23, 2004
    I'll throw in a guess of about 23,000. Kind of cold, but should be about 60 degrees at kickoff.
  3. Boz

    Boz RSL Family

    Jul 14, 2004
    23k? I hope you prove me wrong.

    Now that it is the day of the match, I will change my prediction from 18K to 20K. (I know of a whole bus load of people venturing in from the Bubble. This will be their first Pro soccer match ever. Hmmm....I wonder who convinced them to go? ;) )

    Also the fact that it is Easter weekend. A lot of people travel to Grandma's house for this holiday.
  4. UTmorMAN

    UTmorMAN New Member

    Apr 17, 2005
    Anybody know how to catch this game on TV or internet? Is MLS actually charging for the internet feeds now? Is the game anywhere on DirecTV without the Direct Kick package? I'm stranded on family duty and need to see this game!
  5. Boz

    Boz RSL Family

    Jul 14, 2004
  6. aosthed

    aosthed Member

    Jul 16, 2004
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    I'm curious to see what happens in the next couple of home games - this weekend I don't think it helped that we had:

    - Easter weekend (kids are off track and a lot of people take off to see family/vacation)
    - 2 Other sporting events playing tonight. Utah Blaze (Arena Football - averaging 16k fans per game) played tonight, the Bees (or whatever Miller named them played tonight)
    - All the talk about the weather/rain leading up during the week to the game and also how it looked towards the evening. It turned out actually to be a pleasant evening, but it was not predicted to be that way.

    BUT, it was a spirited and lively 16,100.. ;)
  7. oussan

    oussan Member

    May 28, 2005
    SoJo, UT
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    RSL: 16,132
    Blaze: 15,642
    Bees: 6,227

    That's just over 38,000 people attending sporting events in SLC at the same time - about as much as you could expect to see at a Utah football game. I agree with aosthed - we were spirited and lively for sure. I was surprised to hear that the count was so low - it seemed like there were more of us there, at least from my perspective. On the other hand, I'm not surprised that the Blaze count was so close to our number. Blaze jerseys and gear definitely outnumbered RSL gear as I rode TRAX both in and out of SLC.

    The weather was very nice. I overdressed for the occasion, expecting the worse, and had to progressively shed layers as I got more and more worked up throughout the course of the game. Speaking of getting worked up, does anyone have any tricks for treating a throat that's been used and abused for two hours at a soccer match? :D
  8. Brrca Fan redded

    Brrca Fan redded Red Card

    Aug 6, 2002
    Chasing Tornadoes.
    16k tonight. I guess the bus load you guys were talking about never made to the stadium. The field looked so bad I turned off the TV. I don't blame the fans for not showing up.
  9. SoccerPrime

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    All of them
    Apr 14, 2003
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    ....and the 2 other sporting events at the same time and a team on a 14 non-winning streak might have contributed to it.

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