How many fellow Gooners own a copy of "89" on DVD or BluRay??

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    I just got my copy in the mail, shipped from the UK, in region 2 PAL format, this DVD as well as all of my Invincibles-Era DVDs ('02-'03 and '03-'04 season review discs and also "Invincibles", all in PAL format) are the main reason why I am proud to own a region-free DVD player, specifically a Lonpoo LP-099 worldwide player, I can't wait to pop it on tomorrow morning and give my review on this, the story of our title run in 1988-89 ending with the final match of the season, away to Anfield needing to win by two clear goals.

    Here is the trailer for it, I didn't know this was out until watching the upload of the original ITV broadcast in 1989 on YouTube in which one of the comments was referring it being made into a movie, I googled it up and there it was, put out just 2 years ago.


    @NorthBank you would know about this, both you and @goonermaui would both be proud to add this to your collections!!!

    Here is the region-free PAL/NTSC DVD player I own:
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    You're right I would like to own that DVD. But when I looked into it I couldn't find a USA region disc, and I don't have a world player like you do so I didn't buy it.

    And to be honest I still haven't even watched it streaming yet, which is completely my bad.

    Once I do I might be able to "convince" one of my DVD-R discs to keep a copy. ;)
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