How good is Jong Tae-Se?

Discussion in 'Korean Domestic Leagues' started by danmooj1, Jan 13, 2013.

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    im sorry but what???

    While I hate using this argument, LDG has never scored a goal in Europe. Jung Dae Se scored 10 goals in his first Bundesliga season and after he was transferred, he was benched because the coach didn't want him there (it was supposedly the move of someone in the front office). He got washed away like PJY did at Arsenal. The point is, Jung is much younger and found much more success at his age than LDG currently, even if LDG has been ripping apart the K-League last 3 years. Jung had great success in Japan and has shown to be a solid player in Germany.

    Jung > LDG and it's not close. Jung has much more versatility to his game and he does everything pretty well.

    Jung would be a top 3 striker for the KNT if he was playing for us.

    We've had Norks in K-League before but they never received much publicity like JDS. There is a reason why.
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    Good post.

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