How did they line up vs. Cuba?

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    When I miss a game and read the reports of one of Bruce's B squad lineups, I can never quite tell who played where. So if any one of you who saw the match could lay out the formation, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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    I posted this in another thread, but here was the starting XI and formation:

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    It should be noted that Dempsey and Beasley basically switched positions after about 25 minutes, and stayed that way the rest of the match.

    The subs - Donovan came in for Casey as a forward.

    When O'Brien and Wolff came in for Davis and Olsen, Beasley slid over to Davis' spot on the left, Wolff moved up top, Dempsey and Donovan seemed to play interchangeably as withdrawn forwards, and O'Brien set up camp as central mid.
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    Sweet, now you have to do that every match. :D

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