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Discussion in 'US Open Cup' started by Paulo PT, Dec 15, 2015.

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    Nov 24, 2015
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    NOTE: If possible always Home and Away games except for the Final (Host City) or at least for the Quarters and Semi-Finals.

    Total: 83 clubs
    First Round: 38 Clubs (NPSL/PDL/USASA)
    Second Round: 13 USL + 18 clubs from previous round (T: 32 clubs)
    Third Round: 1 MLS (Chicago Fire) + 11 NASL + 4 USL* + 16 from previous round (T: 32 clubs)
    Forth Round: 16 MLS + 16 from previous round (T: 32 clubs)
    R2 (Final. One legged game. Host City)

    * Top 2 clubs in each conference: Rochester Rhinos, Louisville City FC, Oklahoma City Energy and Orange County Blues FC.
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    Paulo, please sit down - we have brought you here because we care about you.
    You need to face your problem. You start too many damn threads - and they don't make any sense...
  3. Paulo PT

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    Nov 24, 2015
    SL Benfica
    Second option (My Favourite) all teams from Pro-Soccer enter in the same round, because this Cup should be to smaller teams have the opportunity to play agains Bigger clubs.

    Preliminatory Rounds: To determine the 19 birth from amateur Soccer
    First Round: 64 teams - 17 MLS+11 NASL+ 17 USL+19 PDL/NPSL/USASA
    Second Round: 32 teams
    Third Round: 16 teams
    R4: 8 teams
    R5: 4 teams (Semi-Finals. home and away games)
    R6: 2 teams (Final. Host City)

    7 games for Pro-soccer teams if reaching the final game.
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    How about no, Scott?
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    Because, God knows, right now they never get that chance.

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