Horvath and Steffen, let's talk about US keepers in Europe

Discussion in 'USA Men' started by futbal nut, Dec 23, 2019.

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    5 straight very poor grades. The rest are pretty good to very good. But that's a wrong thread anyway.
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    So poor that he is Düsseldorf highest rated player. 4FB75871-5742-4B4A-8B7B-0C5E886E4555.png
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    Don't change a subject. I've been demonstrating that he is streaky, not that he is poor.
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    I think Steffan is a step down from many goalies we've had in the past and his foot skills and passing out are lacking, skills that the older guys admittedly didn't have to worry about as much. For his reason, I cant really see him ever getting a run at Manchester City. But, he is playing and succeeding in the Bundesliga. I considered Horvath his equal when they were both plying, but until Ethan gets back on the field, he's going to have to wait. No way, he's competition for Steffan as long as he's watching from the bench every game for months on end while Steffan racks up the minutes in a top league.

    Now, I'm not sure Steffan would beat out Mingolet either, but Horvath's club situation isn't doing him any favors. He needs to move if he can't get on the field and the sooner the better. Get some games and then come back and stake a claim for the US. As things are now, he's likely out of the picture until things change.
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    I agree but I would throw Ethan some minutes in a friendly to get him some PT and put him back in the shop window light. I know scouting doesn’t work like that but still people like to see current/recent data points. There’s precedence for this in the past.
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