Hooligans threaten Laporta

Discussion in 'Barcelona' started by bkn0528, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. bkn0528

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    Aug 2, 2003

    The Boixos Nois apparently wrote some graffitti near the home of Laporta threatening to kill him and his family. The article says Laporta is one of the leading figures in Spanish football in trying to crack down on violence. What has he been doing that the Boixos Nois are so irritated? Whatever it is, good on him. Violence and racism don't belong in the stands or around the stadium, whether it's the Boixos Nois or the Ultra Sur or any other bunch.

    By the way, what does Boixos Nois mean?
  2. Juanele

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    Aug 4, 1999
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    New Boys I think (or Our Boys). Somebody who knows Catalan could tell you (barça or Paul?)
  3. Mario

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    Mar 11, 2000
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    i dont speak catalan but IINM its Our Boys
  4. Jeffrey S

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    Jul 2, 2002
    Boixos Nois is the plural of Noi (boy, or guy, familiar expression here) and boig, meaning crazy or wild. So the Wild Boys.

    They did not threaten to kill Laporta, only said they knew where he lived. Actually hit his apartment block and area around it. Laporta is young and has young children, pretty sick stuff.
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    Hmm...call me naive, but "te voy a matar," aint a date for some haricot beans and botifarra.
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