Homeland Security gets Major Overhaul -- two years in

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Events' started by MattR, Jul 13, 2005.

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    Now, I've worked with a lot of government agencies, and this one is the worst ever conceived. For whatever reason, the Republican-controlled legistlature and executive branches thought sticking a bunch of former spooks and agents in a big mess with no real directive and unlimited budgets was a good idea.

    Two years after its introduction, it is being 'reorganized' to be 'more responsive.' And they need to have a 'sense of urgency.'

    Someone please tell me why DHS shouln't be 'reorganized' into no longer existing. (BTW, DHS is responsible for nearly 200,000 new jobs for W's economic recovery).
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    Since the stated mission of this agency (HomeLand Security) is to secure the nation and prevent a terrorist attack within the nation, this agency has a Gold Record thus far: 0 attacks....

    I would recommend giving them the latitude to make changes as they see fit as HomeLand Security incorporates several government departs and inter-agencies, that were previously disjointed and far flung, together! It was expected that HomeLand Security would have growing pains and need overhauls periodically to adjust! The new Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff strikes me as dedicated and truly committed to securing the nation...
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    Oct 10, 2000
    This agency is a total joke

    It never ever should have been created the way it was

    The constant shuffling around of agencies and name changes is beyond even Washington levels of stupidity

    Blow it up and start again this time with a clear mission and mandate, not a bi-partisan c0ckup meant to please everyone
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    Here's my question: Wasn't the DHS created to deal with the problems that the FBI, CIA, etc. had in exchanging information and creating open lines of communication? Then why are things only being centralized now?

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