Holloway Denies Millwall Contact

Discussion in 'Queens Park Rangers' started by Atouk, Oct 23, 2003.

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    Ian Holloway's contract is up at the end of this season and I guess it makes sense that the rumors have started.


    Holloway says:

    "My contract's up in the summer and I'm trying to get myself employment because it's not nice being out of a job.

    "I haven't been offered anything by QPR but I'm a very loyal person and I'm enjoying my time here.

    "There has been absolutely no contact with Millwall and I'm not even thinking along those lines."

    Earlier rumors had Holloway as favorite for the job:
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    Olly's not going to Millwall. I honestly don't think its a better job anyway - especially now that it seems that things are going to improve on the investment/board side this season (according to Bill Power on the .org board).

    However, even loyal Olly would do well professionally to use the Millwall rumour to get more of a dialogue going about a new deal.

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