Help-Where can I find Dutch home shirt in Den Haag?

Discussion in 'The Netherlands' started by Spaceboy, Jun 4, 2012.

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    I have a friend who will be traveling to the Hague in a couple weeks and asked him to pick up a home shirt for me. If you can tell me the name of some shops in town where he could find one?

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    It shouldn't be too hard to find a shirt. AktieSport, InterSport, Perry Sport are all big chains and have shops in the main shopping district of The Hague, which is Spuistraat/Vlamingstraat. Foot Locker too - really, it's going to take him five minutes to find a shirt provided he's in the shopping district.

    Is there any reason why you want the home shirt from Holland? For some reason that I've never quite figured out, football shirts are really expensive in Holland, and will run you about $100 for the same shirt you can get for $75 on World Soccer Shop. Probably for that reason the Dutch don't have quite the replica shirt obsession the English/Americans have.

    If you want something Dutch that is different, check out Copa. They make the usual retro shirts, which are really good quality, and some totally sick t-shirts. I'm pretty much on a diet for the sole reason of wanting to fit into their t-shirts. Cheaper too!



    (the first goal is Rob de Wit's against Hungary, the second is van Basten, the third Bergkamp. I don't think I need to tell you who the opponents were)
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    Apart from all the common sport-stores which will sell them, you always have the big warehouses such as the Bijenkorf and the V&D who sell them, and everybody in the city will be able to point out exactly where you can find them ;) (Wagenstraat 32 and Spui 3 respectively)
    But yeah they are expensive.
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    Yeah,many people know that,actually they are really expensive.:laugh:

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