Help! PAL v. NTSC and my wife!

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Iceblink, Sep 2, 2007.

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    Hey all. Another issue!

    I have found something that I want to buy as a gift for my wife.

    It's a DVD of an Australian comedy duo called the Umbilical Brothers. They're the guys who are in the Upside Down Show... a kids show. My son likes it, and I thought it'd be cool to get her those guys doing things for grownups. She'd get a kick out of it.

    I get her a lot of stuff for our anniversary... and I wanted this to be one of her gifts... and this is the big anniversary number 10! So I wanted to get it by September 13, but I just found out that it existed a few minutes ago.

    The problem is that it's PAL everywhere. They're from Australia. Some of the DVDs say that they're all region, but I am just not sure if it will play in my dvd player due to color issues or whatever the difference is between PAL and NTSC.

    Can anyone find me one that can play on my dvd player? I think it's a samsung... dvd/vhs combo unit....

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    i do this all the time,i buy the dvd from the u.s. say in ntsc,then rip it and burn it as region free pal.

    if im being an extra bastard ill send back the original for a refund.
    but i normally keep them.
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    PAL is a format issue. DVD regions are a "copy protection" (ha!) issue. You need either a disc in both Region 1 and NTSC, or a player that can play region-free, PAL discs. I doubt a Region 1 PAL disc exists.

    What model is your DVD player? If it's in this list of Samsung DVD players that are supposed to be able to play back PAL discs for an NTSC television, you should be able to buy a region-free version of the disc that will work.

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