Help for a longtime Chivas USA fan?

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    Hey there. Well I've been a fan since April 2nd, 2005. We can't afford cable, so i try to watch most of the games by web stream or telefutura. I've always kept up to date with the team, in fact, if you check my posting record you'll see that i was on this board way back when there was but 5 or 7 of us. But on to the issue at hand. The thing is, I have never been able to see my beloved red-and-white play in person, i've never had enough money to make the trip up to the HDC and the one time i was going to go see them, their scrimmage game was canceled because of poor field conditions. This year marks my 18th birthday. There was a big shindig and i saved every dollar and peso that my abuelos and tios and cousins gave me. My parents said that if i had the money, i could go to the HDC. My girlfriend, who likes playing soccer but abhores watching it, told me that she would make the trip to watch the game with me. She doesn't like watching it becasue she says there's no atmosphere so what i was thinking was maybe, just maybe, we could sit with the Union Ultras during the Super Classico on July 11th? I'm darn sure that sitting with the ultras will change her mind about "no atmosphere" at soccer games. I would pay for the tickets, i just want to know if somebody could tell me which ones and where i could buy them. It truly has been my hearts desire to attend a Chivas USA game, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    ...And if there's a training session or something that i could go to, that would also be awesome, i'm dying for a Jhonny B and Jesse Marsch authoghraph. >_<
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