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    Off topic and maybe a bit commercial in nature, but it's also DC United related.

    United for DC, the charitable arm of DC United, is one of the 13 beneficiaries of the Acumen Race for the Cure on November 1 in Arlington. But United for DC's receipt of funds -- that will be put into programs both soccer and non-soccer related for children in the city -- is dependent on the number of people that sign up for the race and choose United for DC as their beneficiary.

    Here's more on the race itself and how to register:


    And more about United for DC: http://www.dcunited.com/community/united-dc

    It's an 8k (5 miles). I can already heard the grumbling. So I'll just say this: you don't need to finish or even start the race to help the charity. You just need to register. It's only $ 30 through 10/31 and $ 35 on race day.

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    First and last -- I promise -- bump on this.

    Here's the deal. United for DC puts on multiple programs in the area. The biggest three are:

    United Soccer Club: which gives kids an introduction to playing the sport
    Kicks for Kids: which provides game tickets to underprivileged youths
    United Reads: which seeks to promote literacy and healthy lifestyles.

    These all cost money. The club does support the charity, of course, and players do get involved, but there is separate fundraising required.

    Specific to the Acumen Solutions race on November 1, United for DC only gets if 100 people or more sign up for the race and list United for DC as their beneficiary. If it reaches that threshold, the charity splits the pot with all the other beneficiaries; if it doesn't reach that threshold the charity gets absolutely nothing.

    So, in effect, your $30 registration could turn out to be worth more if we break 100 registrations and enough money is raised.

    Again, you don't even have to run a step...
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    I'm bumping again, update from Behind the Badge

    You really can do a "sleep in" (register and not race) if that's not your thing.

    Walk off those Trick or Treat Calories before they set in, or come and cheer on the participants at the Spirit Tent at Mile 3.

    For those of you that plan on running/walking: Please be at the start of the race as close to 8 A.M.

    If you are volunteering, please be at North Quincy Street and Wilson Boulevard 7:30 A.M. or 7:45 A.M.

    If you are late and can't be there for the beginning of the race, meet the DCU gang at the Spirit Booth at Mile 3, just South of Route 50 on Washington Boulevard.

    Here is a map of the race course:

    Please note, that Daylight Savings Time goes into effect on Saturday, so you get AN EXTRA HOUR of sleep!


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