Heider: Wuppertal v Bremen2 (R)

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  1. LebenslangGruenWeiss

    Aug 13, 2004
    Heider scored a "goal of the year" in a suprising 2:0 victory at Wuppertal which are first in the Regionalliga Nord. The other goal came from Martin Harnik who is a member of the austrian national team although he was born in Hamburg.
    Heider leads Bremen2 in goals with 7 goals in 14 league games.
  2. golazo68

    golazo68 Red Card

    May 21, 2004

    Did they take a goal away from him? He scored against Emden, and it shows on Kicker's game summary, but not in the table of his goals. Odd. Did they credit a goal to Heider by mistake, or does he really have 8 this year.
  3. LebenslangGruenWeiss

    Aug 13, 2004
    he's got 7 including his goal against Emden
  4. golazo68

    golazo68 Red Card

    May 21, 2004
    Oh I see now. the game was played last week, but Kicker has it listed as the 7th game of season. Must have been 'verlegt' from earlier in the season (7th game scheduled, but played as it were the 13th or so)
  5. depaul

    depaul New Member

    Mar 22, 2006
    I know that he is a YA, but does he want to play for the US. I seem to remember that he was born in Germany, or am I thinking of someone else? At any rate, its good to have someone scoring goals at a frequent rate.
  6. Osnator

    Osnator Member

    Dec 3, 2005
    Osnabrück, Germany
    He was born in Sacramento, but moved to Germany only one year later. He played youth soccer in Recke, a small town close to Osnabrück, before joining the VFL Osnabrück. He played for our second team in the Oberliga Nord (4.th division) first, but was offered a pro contract towards the end of the 05/06 season after playing quite a few games for the first team. He decided to move on to Werder Bremen instead.

    I think he has the talent to become a Bundesliga player in the future, although he will have a hard time cracking the Bremen1 lineup with all the talented (and young) forwards Werder has. If he can keep it up, maybe Werder will put him on a loan deal to a 2. Bundesliga club next season.

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