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    Hi All, it's been about four years since I've even bothered on this website, but I'm actually looking to buy a Corinthians soccer shirt. Corinthians is a team I root for in Brazil's Serie A, and it has been incredibly difficult for me to maintain a stable collection in the US (and that's a plus since Brazilian clubs don't seem to earn as many American fans, and us younger folk tend to avoid the league completely). The particular model I am looking for is the 2003-04 model (the very first Nike Corinthians shirt) with Pepsi twist. It doesn't matter if it's blank on the back, I just want the shirt in decent condition.

    What's funny is that I actually had this model many years ago and I sold it by mistake. To this day I've been deeply regretting it because I've been looking to buy another since then, and Corinthians shirts of any previous season are impossible to find.

    Hopefully this image off of Old Football should help: [​IMG]
    Corinthians 2003-04.

    If there's anyone that likes to add any insight to this, please don't hesitate to contact me. For reference I am looking to buy it within the 25-75 dollar range (USD) depending on the location and/or willingness of the seller to sell. I usually wear a size L in these older shirts since I like mine oversized but I will be open to M if available (or if I don't really have a choice!)

    Other than that, thanks in advance for the insight and have a good day/evening!

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