HEAVILY WANTED: 2003-04 Corinthians Paulista Socce ... (UPDATED!)

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    Hello folks! So it appears that I did end up investing, and shelling out $120 for the Corinthians shirt I wanted. I snagged it from an Italian seller on eBay who actually quite rudely refused to place a markdown on it for me (and you know, he obviously didn't have to, but he could've been less snarky about it).

    This was the only accessible one in a size L, so I ordered it, but when I finally got it in the mail after a month's worth of waiting (and USPS flat out refusing to deliver on time), I noticed right out the bag that it fits SUPER small (about 54x72cm), more like a men's size Sml. to Med. At least shipping was free.

    So here I am, in the EXACT same spot I was in a while back, wanting to buy a product that is pretty much impossible to acquire if you live outside of Brazil.

    I'm looking for a Corinthians shirt in a size XL man. Corinthians is the team that I root for in Brazil's Division A, and it has been incredibly difficult for me to maintain a stable collection in the US over the years (and that's a plus since Brazilian clubs don't seem to be earning as many American fans, and us younger folk tend to avoid the league completely).

    The particular model I am looking for YET AGAIN is the 2003-04 model (the very first Corinthians shirt Nike ever released), black with white thin stripes and Pepsi twist as the main sponsor.

    THIS photo from Old football shirts should help: [​IMG]
    Liedson's No. 9 shirt.

    I will say at this point, I HAVE tried everything possible, and I am not good at negotiating on MercadoLivre because first of all, I can't even register for that site without a Brazilian address on file, and second of all, the sellers on ML may not be willing to ship to United States. Lastly, I've heard of international 'freight forwarding' which means have someone else buys the item, and they ship it to you, but that can be hassling (for a soccer shirt?).

    Now I'm wanting this in (*PASSABLE*) condition, a few pulls or imperfections here and there are acceptable, so gently used. If it still has tags, that's even better. Not likely. Unless I absolutely have to pay a higher price, I am willing to pay $25-75 for this item in a SIZE XL as I've had to go through an absolute HASSLE that no one would even think of going through just to get the shirt in any size at all (at least shipping was free and I didn't have to fly to the seller). It matters little to me who's on the back (or front), I just want it in my collection.


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