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Discussion in 'New England Revolution' started by moacir, Sep 8, 2002.

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    I was asked if this was the first Hat Trick for the REVs. I remember another one by Alberto Naveda against the Metro-Stars (Meola).

    Wasn't it the game he scored from midfield?

    Who has more recollections or time to look into old stats?
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    The only other Revs hat trick was indeed by Beto against Two-Ton Tony (before he slimmed down) and the Mutts in '97. However, that wasn't his midfield boomer game - he scored that one against Colorado (in '96, I believe). I'm sure that you could find the exact dates and details on Fred's site.
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    yur stats are correct. its amazing how there is only 2 hat tricks in our history. especially with the calibur of forwards we've had over the years. diaz-arce, joe max, diallo, saverese, etc. lets hope that twellman can stay for a while and be the first with multiple hat tricks.

    maybe against the mutts in the playoffs??

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