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Discussion in 'United Soccer Leagues' started by JDogindy, Apr 21, 2019.

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    This thread is for those who live in the Connecticut region who support the Athletic.

    However, upon making this thread... it's also to examine just how... awful the team is at the moment. And "awful" is being polite. Let's evaluate the team's current standing in the table.


    A minus 15 goal differential, with only Tacoma having a worse stat in the league due to hideous goaltending and terrible defense. But, at least when Tacoma manages to win this season, it's due to multiple factors going their way, and they have managed to earn 6 points so far for a reserve team that historically does very badly in the USL.

    What hasn't helped Hartford is the fact that, unlike most of the other teams, Hartford has yet to play their first home match due to stadium renovations (which won't actually be ready until July, so they'll be playing at a temporary venue in East Hartford until then), so they've been, in-essence, a travelling team much like what you see in an independent baseball league. And, like every travelling team, they quality of play and, potentially, the player core, have been awful. The closest they got to a victory was a 1-0 loss to the Indy Eleven, but don't let that fool you; that goal by the Eleven was actually an own goal by Hartford's Nikolaj Lyngo, who is clearly an expendable member of the roster. That being said... I am just in awe as to how a team can be this bad on its own. I can buy Tacoma or Toronto FC II being awful on the grounds of the parent club not giving a damn about developmental and those teams being stuck having to make due with whatever random assets are given to them, but Hartford is not affiliated to any MLS team, so the fact that a team can be this awful without that governor attached to them can't be it. Expansion can't just be another excuse, as you can see the other 3 expansion teams in the East in this picture (Birmingham, Loudoun, and Memphis) and while those teams are also dealing with growing pains, they also have managed to get victories and draws against teams while maintaining a more consistent differential.

    So… what is exactly going on with Hartford? And, when do you think they'll get their first point? Or... if?
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    Yep, Hartford doesn’t have a lot of talent, but the talent they do have is better than... whatever it is they’re putting on the field right now. It’s tough to believe how bad they’ve been.
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    Went to my first game last Sunday. Tough loss. Bad mistake by the goalie, followed up by some great saves by the goalie. Nobody stops the third goal. Rocket from 25 - 30 out, right into the upper corner. We hit the bar a ton of times. Tough loss. And I just purchased my tickets for the Dillon Stadium opener on July 13th. Can't wait.

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