Discussion in 'England' started by sendorange, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. sendorange

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    Jun 7, 2003
    Tottenham Hotspur FC
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    No wonder those whinging Canadians are so annoyed about not having him if he's doing well :D

    Do you reckon it's true that he finds it harder to break in by not playing in the Premiership? I don't. I think being at Bayern is what pushed Sven to give him his chance and has kept him in the squad when he has not looked better than the likes of Parker and Jenas.

    I would much rather have him as def mid in the buildup to the next world cup than Butt if he's genuinely nailed down a starting place at Bayern and is improving. Parker not playing regularly at Chelsea is another plus for Hargreaves.
  2. sinner78

    sinner78 BigSoccer Supporter

    Nov 7, 2001
    Sven just uses him as a sub who can come on late in the game and do a defensive job it seems .A defensive utility player who can cover quite afew positions across midfield and maybe even at full-back.
  3. Milos

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    Sep 6, 2003
    Coventry City FC
    I have usualy been impressed with Hargreaves when he has came on for England. Its a shame he hasn't had more starts/time to show what he can do.
  4. When Hell Unfreezes

    Jan 8, 2004
    I really wish Hargreaves would spontaneously combust and we could all shout - "Frying Tonite" - he's not feckin English, and as such is surplus to requirements!!!
  5. Pazarius

    Pazarius New Member

    Jan 10, 2004
    I think England definitely need a world class defensive midfielder. Gerrard attacks too much these days to be considered one, Butt isn't as good as he once was and Phil Neville never was any good.

    If Hargreaves can become a world class holding player, it'll be great for the England team.
  6. Case

    Case Member

    May 5, 2004
    Cambridge, England
    I don't trust Ze German, we have enuff Nevuille brothers in the squad as it is...

    ERIMUS Member

    Mar 28, 2002
    Middlesbrough FC
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    Hargreaves played really well in the 2 games he played in at the World Cup. Shame he got injured against Argentina :eek: He's never really got back in since then
  8. schafer

    schafer Member+

    Mar 12, 2004
    I think with Gerrard out of the side, Hargreaves should definitely be given a chance against Spain. He may not deserve a place when everyone is healthy, but I definitely think he is better than Butt

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