happy birthday willem van hanegem

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    71 today...

    after johan cruyff he is by far the best eve rplayer from holland .... not van basten not gullit.., but van hanegem....

    willem also was one of the msot complete players ever.. he wasn't fast but he made up for that with his vision and reading of the game but apart from speed willem van hanegem had it all..

    good technique, passing, heading tackling, mentality, good in offense and defense....

    if juding the great playmakers of the late 60's early 70's netzer, gerson, oblak and van hanegem then me thinks van hanegem tops them all....
    sure maybe oblak was a better dribler or netzer a better passer...

    but when taking into account all aspects of football van hanegem was the msot complete and best of them....
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    One of a great skillful player that I loved but was way underrated

    Van Hanegeme was like Xavi, Pep, Vieira , Yaya .... but quickly forgotten under the shadow of Cruyff, Resenbrinks or Neeskens

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