Hahnemann: Rotherham vs. Reading, 9/7 8am EST (R)

Discussion in 'Yanks Abroad' started by BuffloSoldier, Sep 6, 2002.

  1. Deimos

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    Apr 23, 1999
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    There are a lot of arguments amoung people who have never seen the man play.
  2. RichardL

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    May 2, 2001
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    Nat'l Team:
    There's a section titled "Regulars" and under that is "Reading FC discussion forums". There are a lot of posts on there, but the quality can be a bit hit & miss due to a certain poster constantly posting continuous negative drivel.
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    Dec 15, 1999
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  4. dheck

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    Sep 20, 1999
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    On an internet message board?!? Shocking!

    Thank goodness there's no one like that on BigSoccer. :rolleyes:

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