Hadn't seen MLS wrap in a while

Discussion in 'TV, Satellite & Radio' started by vflkirwan, Oct 7, 2003.

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    Mar 28, 2000
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    and I had heard that it had gotten better.

    I wasn't impressed. Its still corny.

    I was cleaning out my closet and stumbled upon some old MLS Extratimes.......sooo much better than MLS Wrap.
  2. Northside Rovers

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    That's some real fine analysis there - if you're going to write crap like that, why even bother?

    However, to address what I think your point was, MLS Wrap seems to have tweaked their format somewhat and the show has improved.

    They have a pretty good highlight package to start the show off, backed off doing the news before actually addressing the games and a few others. The show seems to move a bit faster. I think they've done a decent job of addressing some of the criticisms that were written in this forum earlier in the season.

    You like ExtraTime better? Write ESPN2 and thank them so much for their committment.
  3. MD_05

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    Oct 18, 2002
    i really like MLS Wrap now.
    for the first couple shows, it seemed like two guys having a good time talking about soccer games and messing around, with a camera on them. in reality, that's probably how they viewed it.
    i think it's become more of a real TV show recently. Less grab-ass between the guys and more intelligent conversation. Sean and John have both settled in to this job nicely and i only see it getting better.
  4. nyrmetros

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    Feb 7, 2004
    There needs to be more sillyness on the show!! :) Be more silly!
  5. Lithium858

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    LOL, classic.
  6. vflkirwan

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    Mar 28, 2000
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    Sorry, got busy at work didn't have time to elaborate.

    -> Still too many mistakes. I know the show is live but other live shows don't have that many problems.

    ->The pumped in sounds they have during hightlight packages are ridculous. Instead of the real sounds of the game, we get fake oohs and ahhs. When the opposing teams scores, they still play the goal noises.

    ->Sean & John are still terrible together. Too much pandering, too much usuage of the same words, too many Capt Obvious statements

    ->The best Fox Populi they had was some guy saying that they haven't had a SJ jersey yet on "shirt off my back"

    -> No set segments. That would at least give them time to prepare and could maybe show us something extra about the teams and players.

    --The whole show still screams CABLE ACCESS and I feel doesn't do MLS the justice it deserves.

    If they aren't going to show highlights or if there are not enough highlights, lets make the show only 30 minutes long.

    Again, I point to The German Bundesliga Hightlight Show on FSW. That show is actually good....they show highlights and plays building up.

    If you want a MLS show that is still around, try the Metro Soccer Report. I can actually watch that.
  7. Kryptonite

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    Memory's fading, but wasn't ExtraTime the one where they had the 20 minute condensed game with no studio commentary?

    First 20 minutes: condensed game. Not necessarily a saturday game or a FSW game, just do 20 minutes from the best game of the week. Heck, they could even have the fans vote.

    Next 10 minutes: commericals, then highlights from around the league.

    :30 - :40 League news.

    :45 - :58 - Filler. USSF news, highlights on USA soccer matches, "shirt off my back" "fox populi". Maybe have a segment where a popular MLS player is shadowed for a game day. "Day in the life of...." Great way to see players go through pre-game rituals, half time pep talks, post-game celebrations....
  8. Justin O

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    on the run from the covid
    I was under the impression Extra Time was a time buy and that MLS decided not to pay for it any more, as opposed to a regular ESPN show that got cancelled.

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