Hadji Barry at Ironi Kiryat Shmona (Israel)

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    H/T to @m vann for this one:


    Newly minted US citizen and Guinean international, Hadji Barry inked a 2.5 year deal with Israeli Premier League club Ironi Kiryat Shmona this week after scoring 14 goals for Swope Park Rangers.

    He obtained his citizenship in October 2018 and was cap-tied by Guinea in the AFCON in November.
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    So we now have a Hadji and a Haji hanging around YA. I've been around a bit but am not familiar with this surname and its popularity. How common is it? I assume it is in reference to "the Haj" the muslim pilgrimage to Mecca?

    What's also interesting and not so coincidental is both these guys have very "Anglo" family names Wright & Barry but one grew up in Guinea and the other in US. Small but same world like they say.

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