Gunners Sign New Keeper Cardini

Discussion in 'Arsenal' started by Gunnersaurus, Jul 26, 2002.

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    LONDON (Reuters) - In a move that has sent shock waves throughout the world of sport, Arsenal FC has announced the signing of Welsh-born goalkeeper Cardini.

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    "I think he will prove to be a magical addition to the team," said Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger. "He's really top-hat. I mean, top-shelf."

    "He's a terrific signing," added goalkeeping coach Bob Wilson. "It's as if (recently departed backup 'keeper) Richard Wright has simply disappeared."

    Ray "Razor" Parlour, commenting for the team, remarked, "Well, one thing's for bleedin' sure - I ain't playin' gin rummy with that bloke!"

    -G. Rex
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