Guevara & Bradley's tactics(R)

Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls' started by purojogo, Nov 9, 2003.

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    Well, according to the radio, AMado has the chance of staying for 3 more yrs if the team takes his option....
    The reason i started this thread was to see if someone could tell me why the hell was Guevara made into a LB today...You have a whole half to go, supposedly the momentum is with you after the PK.... So you place Guevara in defense and MAthis before midfield...Hmmmmm. According to Mota (from radio Wado) Bradley said he wanted Guevara to be there so he could start the attack with the ball at his feet (????) SO i guess he had to run 60 plus meters for each attempt to attack...Even despite that, he did cause some danger...Oh, well....We needed two goals and i saw very little atack going the 2nd 45 minutes
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    it's not like that would help. our tactics was to play that stupid english style soccer or the nfl hail mary pass tactic.

    Send the ball to the box and hopefully something happens.

    what happened to bradley's chicago fire pass the ball around tight space *#*#*#*# that he was famous for. i guess we don't have the players for that tactics bob.

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