Guess who Suha Arafat's new beau is...

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    Apparently, PNA officials offered Suha Arafat $2 million to allow completion of the tests that would confirm Yasser Arafat's death. As the patient's spouse, Suha can control access to her husband, and she is doing so to the great frustration of both the Palestinian leadership and French medical establishment.

    But here's the amazing news, look who Suha's "financial adviser" is.

    "French officials who have been following Yasser Arafat's treatment were astonished to discover that Suha Arafat's constant companion and financial adviser was none other than Pierre Rizk, who headed the intelligence service of the Phalanga during the Lebanese civil war and was in close personal
    contact with the guerrilla group responsible for the massacre at the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camp in 1982.

    Rizk has been spotted in or near Percy Hospital in recent days. Since Rizk holds power of attorney for Suha Arafat, French and Palestinian officials have been in constant contact with him over Suha Arafat's financial demands, which she says are designed to ensure the financial future of her and her daughter. The outcome of these contacts is still not clear.

    Rizk, a Maronite Lebanese, is well known to Israeli officials, and has spent long periods in Israel where he met with government officials and private business figures. Israelis who have met with him in person describe him as a colorful figure, and say that he is something of a womanizer."

    Plenty of more interesting tidbits in the article. But I don't want to overdo it on the copyright. How crazy is that?
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    Oops, wrong forum. Mods, please move to general politics.
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    Can't say I'm surprised.
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