Group C discussion -- Spain, Japan, Nigeria, Brazil

Discussion in '2024 Women’s Olympics' started by MiLLeNNiuM, Jul 7, 2024.

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    Can someone update on Spain? Are all of the players who resigned back? It was a mess last time I checked.
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    Bonmati, Hermoso, Aleixandri, Paredes, Batlle, etc, all back in the squad. The coach is
    Montserrat Tomé, who was Vilda's assistant coach at the WWC. A week ago Spain lost to the Czech Republic in a Euro Qualifier (but they had already qualified, so probably not hugely significant). They are in a relatively tough group but most people expect them to go through (they are, of course, ranked #1). Their opening game against Japan will be interesting and may set the tone for their campaign.
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    This seems to be a very good group. Even though Spain won the WWC I do not think they will be dominant in this group and a run of good form and a bit of luck could have anyone winning it.
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