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Discussion in 'D.C. United' started by Red&Black, Dec 13, 2005.

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    News Release

    For Immediate Release - December 13, 2005
    Contact: Doug Hicks (202) 587-5448,
    Boris Flores (202) 587-5452 or
    Kyle Sheldon (202) 587-5450

    D.C. United’s Josh Gros undergoes successful wrist surgery

    Washington, D.C. (December 13, 2005) - D.C. United announced today details of a successful wrist surgery for Josh Gros. The midfielder underwent a procedure last week to repair his scaphoid bone using a bone graft. Gros, who originally suffered a non-union fracture of the wrist bone during the 2004 season, needed this operation to complete the healing process. Dr. Jeffrey Lovallo, a hand specialist from the Anderson Clinic in Arlington, VA, performed the surgery. Gros will be in a cast for 6-8 weeks and will be ready to train when D.C. United begins pre-season in February 2006.

    “We are pleased Josh had the opportunity this post-season to repair his wrist and that his surgery was a success,” said United Technical Director Dave Kasper. “We look forward to seeing him 100 % healthy for pre-season 2006 and without a brace or cast.”

    Gros played the second most minutes on the team in 2005 (2,563), just four less than midfielder Brian Carroll. After a one-goal, four assist performance during his rookie year campaign in 2004, the Mechanicsburg, Penn. native notched four goals and four assists in his second year. Gros also earned the Sierra Mist Goal of the Week for his line drive, diving header versus Columbus on May 7.
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    Doesn't Josh lean over to one side when he plays without a brace or cast??
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    I figured that cast was starting to become his security blanket. I think he should still wear it especially when Franchino comes to town. :D
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    I knew it! Scab labor!
  5. Sundevil9

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    I think the purpose of this surgery was to permanently graft the brace to Josh's forearm.
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    So who wants to put money on Gros breaking his wrist for the third year in a row in 2006?

    Talk about someone who needs a girlfriend...
  7. gnat

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    No, but I don't think he plays as well.

    It's always fun watching him to see who he thumps with it when he thinks no one is watching too :D

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    I always hoped Josh has understanding girlfriend...
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    You should always respect the fact that your partner has his or her own interests. That's the kind of respect that a successful relationship is built on.
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    Guessing Josh and I will get out of our hand/arm casts at about the same time then. :(
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    Does this mean the surgery wasn't covered by his nice union health benefits? ;)
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    If that ****** Twellman can tape his wrists every night, Josh should one-up him and wear the brace forever.
  13. PedroUnited

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    whatever, he's still gonna wear a cast, it's his thing :) . like bono and the sunglasses, nelly and that band-aid on his face etc... Maybe they'll start selling Josh Gros signature wrist casts, I don't know where I'm going with this. Oh I'm going to Peru in a couple days, anyone want a Universitario jersey, I plan on attending a game or 2 while I'm out there. word


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