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  1. 655321

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    Jul 21, 2002
    The Mission, SF
    I love the producer. The person behind the scenes, putting together the sound of a record and getting very little recognition, if any. I have alot, but I'll only list a few and hope to get a few responses and maybe learn of some new people. Also, I don't know enough about early 20th century field recorders and true innovators that were doing stuff when recorded sound first came about, so if anyone does, please educate us. My knowledge is basically 1950's and beyond.

    Martin Hannett - recording all of the Joy Division material would be enough for an automatic entry into some sort of hall of fame, but if you dig deeper into Factory catalog and find artists like the Happy Mondays (Bummed is a wall of sound classic), Crispy Ambulance, ACR, Durutti Column, etc, etc, you'll see that this man was in a class of his own. The way he got Joy Division's drums to sound is still used by folks today. Genius.

    Giorgio Moroder - His early disco records with Donna Summer are spectacular. I hate to go back to Factory again, but New Order would never have happened without them hearing his stuff.

    Phil Spector - his work has been discussed ad nauseum, so I won't bother. You know who he is and what he's done. I will say that George Harrison's All Things Must Pass is one of his best jobs.

    The Bomb Squad (Hank Shocklee) - Jesus, do you remember hearing "It Takes A Nation Of Millions..." for the first time?? It still freaks me out if I'm in the right mood. Ice Cube's "Amerikkka's Most Wanted" is an overlooked classic of theirs, as well. Never has chaos made people nod their heads in unison so well.

    Jack Dangers (Meat Beat Manifesto) - I think Storm the Studio is one of the best LP's of all time. The electronica society and white hip-hop in general owes this man a huge debt of gratitude. He went crate digging and found old rocksteady, soul and breaks records and went to town without paying attention to any rules whatsoever. Ended up creating absolute anarchy. Who else can layer a song in feedback and still make you dance??

    Andrew Weatherall - Basically created Screamadelica by Primal Scream, which should need no introduction to the influence it has on modern music today. Still DJs and produces and is just as important as he's ever been. He is the man.

    Rick Rubin - I'm not a fan of his personality or media image or whatever, but he's done some of the most important records of all time. Reign In Blood. Enough said. Got Johnny Cash to record some of the best music of his career (arguable, I know) when most people would have humored and patronised him.

    I'm leaving out alot, so help me. Bill Price is springing to mind. Rudy Van Gelder...
  2. PSUdude

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    Dec 15, 1998
    Elmhurst, Queens, NY
    Ross Robinson-Korn and Limp Bizkit's first albums

    Mario C-Beastie boys albums
  3. afgrijselijkheid

    Dec 29, 2002
    AFC Ajax
    a few of my favorites

    scott litt

    incubus - make yourself, morning view
    REM - document, green, out of time, monster
    indigo girls - indigo girls
    the db's
    the replacements - all shook down
    nirvana - unplugged

    as engineer on lone justice - shelter

    brendan o'brien

    pearl jam - vs. (also jeremy from 10)
    rage against the machine - battle of los angeles
    stone temple pilots - core, purple (also trippin on a hole...)
    train - drops of jupiter
    matthew sweet - 100% fun

    as engineer on red hot chili peppers - blood, sugar, sex, magic & black crowes - shake your moneymaker, southern harmony and musical companion & the jayhawks - hollywood town hall

    berry gordy

    too many to list - marvin gaye, the supremes, the temptations, smokey robinson and the miracles, jackson 5, junior walker, martha and the vandellas

    don gehman

    REM - life's rich pageant, dead letter office
    john cougar mellencamp - lonesome jubilee, american fool
    tracy chapman, give me one reason

    george drakoulias

    the jayhawks - hollywood town hall
    screaming trees - dust
    the cult - electric
    maria mckee - you gotta sin to be saved
    primal scream - give out but don't give up
    black crowes - shake your moneymaker, southern harmony and musical companion

    jimmy iovine

    lone justice - shelter
    tom petty - damn the torpedoes, southern accents
    u2 - rattle and hum
    dire straits - money for nothing

    also engineer on bruce springsteen - darkness on the edge of town & meatloaf - bat out of hell

    butch vig

    nirvana - nevermind
    garbage - garbage
    smashing pumpkins - siamese dream
    sonic youth - dirty
    helmet - betty
    L7 - bricks are heavy

    steve lillywhite

    dave mattthews band - under the table and dreaming,crash
    XTC - white music
    u2 - boy, october, war, acthung baby, all that you can't leave behind
    travis - good feeling

    also psychedelic furs, morissey, the pogues, steel pulse and big country

    rick rubin

    sheryl crow - the globe sessions
    beastie boys - licensed to ill (also sounds of science)
    audioslave - audioslave
    run DMC - raising hell, tougher than leather

    one to watch john alagia

    john mayer - room for squares
    jason mraz - waiting for my rocket to come
    dave matthews band - remember two things, listener supported
    red hot chili peppers - californication, by the way (also give it away)
  4. amerifolklegend

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    Jul 21, 1999
    Oakley, America
    Bruce Dickinson. He puts his pants on just like the rest of us - one leg at a time. Except, once his pants are on, he makes gold records.
  5. lanman

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    Aug 30, 2002
    Jimmy Miller - Produced Beggars Banquet, Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers, Exile on Main Street and Goats Head Soup for the Stones. Also worked with Motorhead, Johnny Thunders and Primal Scream.
  6. Doctor Stamen

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    Nov 14, 2001
    In a bag with a cat.
    Hasn't Rick Rubin also done a few RHCP albums ?.
  7. nancyb

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    Jun 30, 2000
    Falls Church, VA
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Nick Lowe - Elvis Costello's first several releases.

    George Martin, the 5th Beatle.
  8. CHICO13

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    Oct 4, 2001
    SECTION 135
    The Strongest La Paz
    Nat'l Team:
    Alan Parsons, great resume and Mutt Lange should get a shout out too.
  9. afgrijselijkheid

    Dec 29, 2002
    AFC Ajax

    good call - i meant to list him and forgot
  10. 655321

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    Jul 21, 2002
    The Mission, SF
    I forgot some Jamaican figures like King Tubby (practically invented dub music and is considered almost more of a musical hero in Jamaica than Bob Marley) and Augustus Pablo (my personal favorite reggae producer, his melodica playing over his rhthyms are some of the most beautiful, serene sounds made by man).
  11. Metro

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    Feb 9, 2001
    Ted Templeman - did a bunch of Van Halen albums.

    Tommy Lipuma - 80's fusion producer king.
  12. Mad_Bishop

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    Oct 11, 2000
    Columbia, MO
    Steve Albini
  13. Mad_Bishop

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    Oct 11, 2000
    Columbia, MO
    Lee "scratch" perry

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