Greatest international matches outside of WC and Euros.

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    I admitted not knowing my Copa America history and the rest of the world.

    I can think of Argentina-Colombia 0-5.
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    Are you including qualifiers?
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    Look for the pre-16 teams eras and the strongest groups.

    England vs Scotland in 1967 is a fine one.
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    Anything..... friendlies too.
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    Obvious ones: England 3-6 Hungary (1953) and Hungary 7-1 England (1954).
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    Brazil(Palmeiras) 3-0 Uruguay (1965)
    I don't guess this is the greatest but it is interesting.
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    Sorry, I meant matches outside the WC Finals, where we all knew about.
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    Nat'l Team:
    England vs Argentina friendly in 2005 was a classic, arguably the best friendly international I've ever watched.

    Not all that many great Copa America matches the past two decades, but the final of CA04 between Brazil and Argentina stands out.
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    This is for my blog. I still need to study more about Euro Qualifiers, Copa America, the Gold Cup, the Olympics and any matches involving Asia and Africa. I have not counted how many matches I put here. Some of the matches are boring, but unique in their own right. I had no information on a few matches. I found them from's classic matches. Any input is appreciated.

    1872: Scotland vs England 0-0
    The first ever official international match.

    1919: Brazil vs uruguay 1-0 (Copa America Final)
    Brazil won their first Copa America after 4 periods of extra-time.

    1928 England vs Scotland 1-5(British Home Championship)
    The Wembley Wizards.

    1930 Uruguay vs Argentina 4-2 (WC Final)
    Uruguay became the first WC winner.

    1934 Italy vs Austria 1-0 (WC semi-final)
    The Wunderteam lost to the host Italy with a questionable goal.

    1934 Italy vs Czechoslovakia 2-1 (WC Final)
    Italy won their first WC.

    1934: England vs Italy 3-2 (Friendly)
    Known as the "Battle of Highbury", it put World cup winner Italy against England, a team that supposed to be the best in the world.

    1936 Peru vs Austria 4-2 (Olympics)
    Peru pulled an upset against Austria, one of the best team in the world. Austria later protested about Peruvian fans storming the field and the Olympic Committee arranged an re-match in which Peru boycotted. Austria would later win a Silver medal.

    1938 Brazil vs Poland 6-5 (WC Finals 1st round)
    Some credited as the birth of Brazilian football.

    1938 Italy vs Hungary 4-2 (WC Final)
    Italy won their second WC.

    1946 Argentina vs Brazil 2-0 (Copa America)
    A violent match in which Argentina won the title.

    1949: Brazil vs Paraguay 1-2 (Copa America)
    Brazil needed a draw to win the tournament. They gave up 2 goals with 15 minutes to go and forced a playoff match against Peru.

    1949 Brazil vs Peru 7-0 (Copa America Playoff)
    See Brazil vs Paraguay in 1949.

    1949 England vs Ireland 0-2 (Friendly)
    Ireland became the first foreign team to beat England playing in England.

    1950 the USA vs England 1-0 (World Cup)
    England's first ever WC ended with the biggest upset in WC history.

    1950 Brazil vs Spain 6-1 (WC Finals)
    The Brazilians thought that they had won the WC.

    1950 Brazil vs Uruguay 1-2 (WC 1950)
    Brazil needed a draw to win their first ever World Cup. They lost 2-1, despite going up 1-nil. It was known as the saddest day in Brazil's history.

    1953: Brazil vs Paraguay 1-2 (Copa America)
    Brazil needed to draw to win the tournament. They gave up 2 goals in the 2nd half.

    1953: Brazil vs Paraguay 2-3 (Copa America Playoff)
    Paraguay led by 3-nil, but Brazil scored 2 goals in the 2nd half.

    1953 England vs Hungary 3-6
    Hungary ended the myth of Ebgkand being the greatest football nation in the world. England learned that they are technically and tacitically fell behind.

    1954 Hungary vs England 7-1
    Basically, a return match from the one in 1953.

    1954 South Korea vs Japan 2-2 (WC qualifier)

    1954 Switzerland vs Austria 5-7 (WC Finals)
    The highest number of goals in WC history.

    1954: Hungary vs Brazil 4-2 (WC Quarter-final)
    Known as the Battle of Bern because of the number fouls and fighting between the teams.

    1954 Hungary vs Uruguay 4-2 (WC Semi-final)
    Uruguay came from 2-0 back to tie the game, but Hungary won in extra-time. Uruguay had never lost a WC match before.

    1954: West Germany vs Hungary 3-2 (WC Final)
    The Miracle of Bern: West Germany beat Hungary, one of the greatest teams in history. Hungary easily beat the Germans in the first round.

    1957 Argentina vs Brazil 3-0 (Copa America Final)
    Led to an exodus of Italian-Aregntine player to Serie A.

    1958 Brazil vs USSR 2-0 (WC first Round)
    Brazil decided to start Pele and Garrincha.

    1958 France vs West Germany 6-3 (WC 3rd place match)
    Fontaine's match.

    1958 Sweden vs Brazil 5-2 (WC Final)
    Brazil's first record.

    1960 Ghana vs Nigeria 4-1 (WC Qualifier)

    1960 France vs Yugoslavia 4-5 (Euro 1960 semi-final)

    1960 the Soviet Union vs Yugoslavia 2-1 (Euro 1960 Final)
    The first ever European Championship.

    1962 Chile vs Italy 2-0 (WC 1st round)
    The Battle of Santiago.

    1962 Brazil vs Chile 4-2 (WC semifinal)
    Greatest match of 1962.

    1964 Spain vs the Soviet Union 2-1 (Euro 1964 Final)
    Spain won its first major trophy.

    1966 North Korea vs Italy 1-0 (WC Group Stage)
    The unknown players caused an upset.

    1966 Portugal vs Brazil 3-1 (WC Group Stage)
    Brazil ran home.

    1966 England vs Argentina 1-0 (WC quarter-final)
    Rattin's red card.

    1966 Portugal vs North Korea 5-3 (WC quarterfinal)
    Eusebio's greatest moment for Portugal.

    1966 England vs West Germany 4-2 (World Cup Final)
    England scored a controversial go ahead goal. Hurst was the hat-trick hero.

    1968 Italy vs the Soviet Union 0-0 (Euro 1968 semifinal)
    Italy went through by a coin toss.

    1969: El Salvador vs Hondurs 3-2 (WC Qualifier)
    Diplomatic ties broke down on the day of the match and a war started less than 3 weeks later. This was known as the "Football(Soccer) War".

    1969 Argentina vs Peru 2-2 (WC Qualifier)
    Argentina eliminated from the WCQers and the birth of Peru of the 1970's.

    1970 Brazil vs England (WC Group Stage)
    Two great teams met.

    1970 West Germany vs England 3-2 (WC quarter-final)
    The German's comeback win the revenge of 1966.

    1970 Italy vs West Germany 4-3 (WC Semi-final)
    One of the greatest game in WC history. Five goals were scored in extra-time.

    1970 Brazil vs Italy 4-1 (WC Final 1970)
    Brazil won their third WC.

    1971 England vs West Germany 1-3 (Euro 1972 Qualifiers)
    England lost to the Germans at home for the first time, and Germany's dominance over England began.

    1972 West Germany vs the Soviet Union 3-0 (Euro 1972 Final)
    The shift of power: Germans' dominance of the European Championship began and the end of Soviets' dominance.

    1973 Poland vs England 1-1 (WC Qualifier)
    Birth of Poland's Golden Generation

    1974: West Germany vs East Germany 0-1 (WC 1st Round)
    Only time where the two German teams met.

    1974 Holland vs Argentina 4-0 (WC 2nd Round)
    Dismantle of Argentina.

    1974 Holland vs Brazil 2-0 (WC 2nd Round)
    Greatest match of 1974.

    1974 West Germany vs Holland 2-1 (WC Final)
    The rivalry began.

    1976 Yugoslava vs West Germany 2-4(Euro 1976 semifinal)
    Yugoslavia led by 2-0. The German made a comeback and won it in overtime.

    1976 Czechoslovakia vs West Germany 2-2 (PK 5-3) (Euro 1976 Final)
    The Germans were denied their triple crowns, and the Panenka's pk.

    1977 Tunisia vs Morocco 1-1 (WC Qualifier)
    Tunisia qualified for the WC.

    1978 Tunisia vs Mexico 3-1 (WC Group Stage)
    Africa's first ever victory.

    1978 Peru vs Scotland 3-1 (WC Group Stage)
    Peru at its best.

    1978 Tunisia vs West Germany 0-0 (WC Group Stage)
    Another great African result.

    1978 Austria vs West Germany 3-2 (WC 2nd round)
    The Disgrace of Cordoba. Austria's best ever victory against the Germans since the War.

    1978 Argentina vs Peru 6-0 (WC 2nd round)
    One of the most controversial game in WC history.

    1978 Brazil vs Italy 2-1 (WC 3rd place match)
    A great game.

    1978 Argenina vs Holland 3-1 (WC Final)
    Argentina's finally won the WC.

    1980 England vs Argentina 1-3 (Friendly)
    An early glimpse of Maradona.

    1980 West Germany vs Belgium 2-1 (Euro 1980 Final)
    The Germans won their second European Championship.

    1981 France vs Holland 2-0 (WC Qualifier)
    The end of Holland and the birth of France.

    1981 Saudi Arabia vs New Zealand 0-5(WC Qualifier)
    New Zealand made up the goal difference and forced a playoff vs China.

    1982 West Germany vs Algeria 1-2 (WC Group Stage)
    Algeria stunned the European Champion.

    1982 France vs Kuwait 4-1 (WC Group Stage)
    Strange incident with the Prince.

    1982 West Germany vs Austria 1-0 (WC Group Stage)
    Known as the Disgrace of Gijon. Both team were happy top qualify to the next round and decided to play a dull match.

    1982 Spain vs Northern Ireland 0-1 (WC Group Stage)
    The host lost.

    1982 Italy vs Brazil 3-2(WC 2nd round)
    Brazil 1982 was known as one of the greatest team, but they lost to Italy.

    1982 West Germany vs France 3-3(PK: 4-3) (WC Semifinal)
    The first ever match ended in penalty kicks. The match itself was exciting.

    1984 Denmark vs Yugoslavia 5-0 (Euro 1984 Group Stage)
    Denmark announced themselves.

    1984 Spain vs West Germany 1-0 (Euro 1984 Group Stage)
    The Germans were shocked.

    1986 France vs Yugoslavia 3-2 ((Euro 1984 Group Stage)
    Platini's greatest game for France

    1984 France vs Portugal 3-2 (Euro 1984 semifinal)
    France almost got upset. Portugal led 2-1 in extra-time, but France scored two goals with 6 minutes remaining.

    1985 West Germany vs Portugal 0-1 (WC Qualifier)
    The Miracle of Stuttgart.

    1985 Wales vs Scotland 1-1 (WC Qualifier)
    RIP: Jock Stein.

    1986 Argentina vs Belgium 1-0 (WC Group stage)
    Belgium upset the defending champion and Maradona's first ever WC match.

    1986 Denmark vs Uruguay 6-1 (WC Group Stage)
    The world learned about Denmark.

    1986 Morocco vs Portugal 3-1 (WC Group Stage)
    Morocco qualified for the round of 16 and the first for Africa.

    1985 the Soviet Union vs Belgium 3-4 (WC Round of 16)
    Great exciting game.

    1986 Spain vs Denmark 5-1 (WC Round of 16)
    Butragueno destroyed Denmark.

    1986 France vs Brazil 1-1 (PK 4-3) (WC quarter-final)
    One of the best game ever.

    1986 Argentina vs England 2-1(WC quater-final)
    Five years after the Falklands War. Remembered for Maradona's two goals.

    1986 Argentina vs West Germany 3-2 (WC Final)
    Argentina stopped a German comeback.

    1987 Chile vs Brazil 4-0 (Copa America first round)
    Shocking scoreline.

    1988 Ireland vs England 1-0 (Euro 1988 Group Stage)
    The Irish pulled an upset over their rival.

    1988 Holland vs the Soviet Union 0-1 (Euro 1988 Group Stage)
    The Soviet sent the early warning.

    1988 West Germany vs Holland 1-2 (Euro 1988 semifinal)
    The Dutch got their revenge from 1974.

    1988 Holland vs the Soviet Union 2-0 (Euro 1988 Final)
    Van basten's goal.

    1989 Brazil vs Chile 2-0* (WC Qualifier)
    Chile tried to stop the match by using fake blood. The match stopped at Brazil's winning 1-0. The 2-0 scoreline was actually rewarded.

    1989 South Korea vs North Korea 1-0(WC Qualifier)
    A political affair.

    1989 T&T vs USA 0-1 (WC Qualifier)
    The game ended the American's 40 year old wait.

    1990 Argentina vs Cameroon 0-1 (WC Group Stage)
    Cameroon's run began.

    1990 West Germany vs Yugoslavia 4-0 (WC Group Stage)
    The Germans looking good.

    1990 Italy vs Czechoslavakia 2-0 (WC Group Stage)
    Baggio's magic goal.

    1990 Cameroon vs Colombia 2-1 (WC Round of 16)
    Higuita's embarrassment and Milla's two goals.

    1990 Argentina vs Brazil 1-0 (WC Round of 16)
    Argentina moved onward.

    1990 West Germany vs Holland 2-1 (WC Round of 16)
    The best match of the tournament and Rijkaard's red card.

    1990 England vs Cameroon 2-3 (WC quarter-final)
    Cameroon almost beat England.

    1990 England vs West Germany 1-1 (PK 3-4) (WC Semi-final)
    Heart-breaking loss for England.

    1990 Faroe Islands vs Austria 1-0 (Euro Qualifer)
    The islanders' first ever competitive, international match and its first victory.

    1990 Germany vs Switzerland 4-0 (friendly)
    The first match of the unified Germany

    1992 Denmark vs Holland 2-2 (PK 5-4) (Euro 1992 semi-final)
    Denmark marched into the Final.

    1992 Denmark vs Germany 2-0 (Euro 1992 Final)
    Denmark made a fairy tale.

    1993 Bolivia vs Brazil 2-0 (WC Qualifier)
    Bolivia became the first team to beat Brazil in WC Qualifiers.

    1993 France vs Bulgaria 1-2 (WC Qualifier)
    Bulgaria qualified with a last minute goal.

    1993 Argentina vs Colombia 0-5 (WC Qualifier)
    Argentina lost to Colombia at home

    1993: Japan vs Iraq 2-2 (WC Qualifier)
    Known as "Agony of Doha". Japan needed to win to qualify for USA 1994, but Iraq equalised at the 90th minute.

    1994 Italy vs Ireland 0-1 (WC Group Stage)
    Ireland's greatest victory at the WC.

    1994 Argentina vs Greece 4-0 (WC Gorup Stage)
    Argentina looking good and Maradona was back.

    1994 Nigeria vs Bulgaria 3-0 (WC Group Stage)
    Nigeria would repeat Cameroon's fairy tale?

    1994 USA vs Colombia 2-1 (WC Group Stage)
    Escobar's own goal. RIP.

    1994 West Germany vs South Korea 3-2 (WC Group Stage)
    The Koreans almost came back.

    1994 Saudi Arabia vs Belgium 1-0 (WC Group Stage)
    Stunning goal.

    1994 Argentina vs Romania 2-3 (WC Round of 16)
    Great match

    1994 Nigeria vs Italy 1-2 (WC Round of 16)
    Nigeria was 2 minutes away from an upset. Italy barely beat Nigeria in a comeback win.

    1994 Italy vs Spain 2-1 (WC quarterfinal)
    Baggio at his best.

    1994 Holland vs Brazil 2-3 (WC quarterfinal)
    The best match of 1994.

    1994 Bulgaria vs West Germany 2-1 (WC Quarterfinal)
    Bulgaria pulled a big upset.

    1994 Brazil vs Itaky 0-0 (PK 3-2) (WC Final)
    The first WC decided by a PK shootout. Baggio missed his shot.

    1995 Argentina vs USA 0-3 (Copa America)
    Te American shocked Argentina.

    1995 Argentina 2-2 Brazil (PK 4-2) (Copa America)
    Exciting match, best remembered for Tulio's hand-ball.

    1996 South Africa vs Tunisia 2-0 (African Nations Cup Final)
    The first major victory for South Africa after the end of Apartheid.

    1996 England vs Scotland 2-0 (Euro 1996 Group Stage)
    Gazza's goal.

    1996 England vs Holland 4-1 (Euro 1996 Group Stage)
    England's greatest win in a major tournament since 1966.

    1996 Russia vs Czech Republic 3-3 (Euro 1996 Group Stage)
    The Czech took the 2-0 lead and ended up losing 3-2 at the 85th min before scoring again at the 88th min.

    1996 England vs Spain 0-0 (PK 4-2) (Euro 1996 Quarterfinal)
    England won a PK shootout!!!!

    1996 England vs Germany 1-1 (PK 5-6) (Euro 1996 semifinal)
    Germany over England again.

    1996 Germany vs Czech republic 2-1 (Euro 1996 Final)
    Golden goal for the first time.

    1996 Nigeria vs Argentina (Olympic Final)
    The first major victory for Africa.

    1996 Argentina vs Paraguay 1-1 (WC Qualifier)
    Chilavert made his name by scoring a goal.

    1997 France vs Brazil 1-1 (Tournoi de France)
    Roberto Carlos' freekick.

    1997 Brazil vs Mexico 3-2 (Copa America)
    Mexico led by 2-0 before Brazil made a comeback.

    1997 Australia vs Iran 2-2 (WC Qualifier)
    Iran comeback from 2 goals to beat Australia and qualified for the WC.

    1998 Morocco Vs Norway 2-2 (WC Group Stage)
    They traded goals!

    1998 Nigeria vs Spain 3-2 (WC Group Stage)
    They traded goals.....beautiful ones too.

    1998 Romania vs England 2-1 (WC Group Stage)
    Romania stunned England.

    1998 Iran vs the USA 1-2 (WC Group Stage)
    A very political match, but under an atmosphere of friendship.

    1998 Brazil vs Norway 1-2 (WC Group Stage)
    Roberto Carlos' mistake sent Norway through and Morocco went out.

    1998 Germany vs Mexico 2-1 (WC Round of 16)
    Germany's comeback win.

    1998 England vs Argentina 2-2 (3-4) (WC Round of 16)
    Beckham's red card and beautiful goals too.

    1998 Brazil vs Denmark 3-2 (WC Quarterfinal)
    They traded goals.

    1998 Holland vs Argentina 2-1 (WC Quaterfinal)
    Bergkamp's magical goal.

    1998 Croatia vs Germany 3-0 (WC Quarterfinal)
    Croatia announced themselves.

    1998 Brazil vs Holland 1-1 (4-2) (WC Semi-Final)
    Brazil and Holland went all the way.

    1998 France vs Brazil 3-0 (WC Final)
    Mad celebration in Paris and what happened to Ronaldo?

    1998 Thailand vs Indonesia 3-2 (Tiger Cup Group Stage)
    Both teams tried not to win so that they could avoid the host Vietnam in the semi-final.

    1999 Colombia vs Argentina 3-0 (Copa America)
    Palermo missed 3 penalties, a Guinness record.

    1999 Chile vs Colombia 3-2 (Copa America)

    2000 Holland vs the Czech Republic 1-0 (Euro 2000 Group Stage)
    Collina's rare mistake caused the Czech.

    2000 Portugal vs England 3-2 (Euro 2000 Group Stage)
    Figo led a comeback win from 2-nil down.

    2000 Germany vs England 0-1 (Euro 2000 Group Stage)
    England's first victory over the Germans in a major tournament since 1966.

    2000 Romania vs England 3-2 (Euro 2000 Group Stage)
    England underestimated Romania who already beat them in 1998.

    2000 Holland vs France 3-2 (Euro 2000 Group Stage)
    They exchanged leads.

    2000 Spain vs Yugoslavia 4-3 (Euro 2000 Group Stage)
    Spain's dramatic finish.

    2000 Portugal vs Germany 3-0 (Euro 2000 Group Stage)
    Germany's doom began,

    2000 Holland vs Yugoslavia 6-1 (Euro 2000 Quaterfinal)
    Holland's greatest match.

    2000 Spain vs France 1-2 (Euro 2000 Quaterfinal)
    Spain missed PK at the end of regular time.

    2000 Holland vs Italy 0-0 (PK 3-1) (Euro 2000 Semifinal)
    Holland missed 2 PKs in the regular time and three more in the shootout.

    2000 France vs Italy 2-1 (Euro 2000 Final)
    France equalised late and beat Italy with a Golden goal.

    2001 Mexico vs Costa Rica 1-2(WC Qualifier)
    Mexico's 20 year old undefeated record at home ended.

    2001 Germany vs England 1-5 (WC Qualifying match)
    England seldom beat Germany. They beat them in Germany by that score.

    2001 Greece vs England 2-2 (WC Qualifying Match)
    Beckham's last minute ferric sealed England's qualification.

    2001 Brazil vs Honduras 0-2 (Copa America)
    Biggest upset in Copa America's history.

    2002 Senegal vs France 1-0 (WC Group Stage)
    France's nightmare began.

    2002 Portugal 2-3 the USA (WC Group Stage)
    The American shocked the world.

    2002 England vs Argentina 1-0 (WC Group Stage)
    England got its revenge.

    2002 Senegal vs Uruguay 3-3 (WC Group Stage)
    Plenty of goals

    2002 USA vs Mexico 2-0 (WC Round of 16)
    The American showed the Mexicans that they were the best team in North America.

    2002 South Korea vs Italy 2-1 (WC Round of 16)
    Korea's run began. Italy felt cheated

    2002 Brazil vs England 2-1 (WC Quarterfinal)
    Ronaldinho's best game at the WC.

    2002 Spain vs South Korea 0-0 (3-5) (WC Quarterfinal)
    Another controversy!

    2002 Brazil vs Germany 2-0 (WC Final)
    The best two soccer powers finally met at the WC Finals.

    2004 England vs France 1-2 (Euro 2004 Group Stage)
    Zidane's two late goals beat England.

    2004 Italy vs Denmark 0-0 (Euro 2004 Group Stage)
    Totti's spitting incident.

    2004 Denmark vs Sweden 2-2 (Euro 2004 Group Stage)
    Denmark and Sweden shared points sending Italy out.

    2004 Portugal vs England 2-2 (PK 6-5) (Euro 2004 Quarterfinal)
    They traded goals, followed by a thrilling PK shootout.

    2004 Portugal vs Greece 0-1 (Euro 2004 Final)
    The biggest shock in football's history.

    2005: Cameroon vs Egypt 1-1 (WC Qualifying Match)
    Cameroon needed to win to qualify and they missed a 95th minute PK.

    2005 Australia vs Uruguay (WC Qualifiers playoff)
    Australia qualified by winning a PK shootout.

    2005 England vs Argentina 3-2 (Friendly)
    England's great comeback.

    2006 Egypt vs Ivory Coast 0-0(4-2) (African Nations' Cup Final)
    Egypt's reign began.

    2006 Australia vs Croatia 2-2 (WC Group Stage)
    Poll's three yellow cards.

    2006 Argentina vs Serbia & Montenegro 6-1 (WC Group Stage)
    Argentina became the team to beat.

    2006 Portugal vs Holland 1-0 (WC Round of 16)
    Card after card.

    2006 Italy vs Australia 1-0 (WC Round of 16)
    Dive or not?

    2006 Germany vs Argentina 1-1 (PK 4-2) (WC Quarterfinal)
    Argentina thought they had the game in bag. Lehman's paper and the fight afterward.

    2006 England vs Portugal 0-0 (1-3) (WC Quarterfinal)
    Rooney's red card and another shootout loss for England.

    2006 France vs Brazil 1-0 (WC Quarterfinal)
    France suddenly wake up.

    2006 Germany vs Italy 1-2 (WC Semifinal)
    Exciting game.

    2006 Italy vs France 1-1 (PK 5-3) (WC Final)
    Zidane's red card.

    2007 Iraq vs Saudi Arabia 1-0(Asian Cup Final)
    Iraq shocked the world.

    2007 Uruguay vs Brazil 2-2 (4-5) (Copa America semi-final)

    2007 Brazil vs Argentina 3-0 (Copa america Final)
    Great match.

    2008 Spain vs Russia 4-1 (Euro 2008 Group Stage)
    Spain looking good.

    2008 Holland vs Italy 3-0 (Euro 2008 Group Stage)
    Holland had arrived.

    2008 Turkey vs Czech Republic 3-2 (Euro 2008 Group Stage)
    Turkey fought back from 2-0. Late Drama.

    2008 Turkey vs Croatia 1-1 (PK 3-1) (Euro 2008 Quarterfinal)
    Croatia scored on the 119th, but Turkey equalised.

    2008 Russia vs Holland 3-1 (Euro 2008 Quarterfinal)
    Russia dominated Holland, the team to be beat.

    2008 Turkey vs Germany 2-3 (Euro 2008 Semi-Final)
    They traded leads and then, two late Goals.

    2009 Peru vs Argentina 1-2 (WC Qualifiers)
    Argentina was in a must-win situation. Peru equalised at the 89th minute, but Palermo scored the winning goal at the 9th minute.

    2010 England vs USA 1-1 (WC Group Stage)
    Another English keeper made a blooper.

    2010 Switzerland vs Spain 1-0 (WC Group Stage)
    Spain probably won't be winning the WC?

    2010 USA vs Slovenia 2-2 (WC Group Stage)
    The Americans came back from 2-nil.

    2010 USA vs Algeria 1-0 (WC Group Stage)
    Donovan;s last minute goal.

    2010 Germany vs England 4-1 (WC Round of 16)
    The young German teams looking great, but marked by a Lampard's goal calling off.

    2010 Holland vs Brazil 2-1 (WC Quarterfinal)
    Holland came back to beat Brazil.

    2010 Uruguay vs Ghana 1-1 (PK 4-2) (WC Quarterfinal)
    Luis Suarez's unsportmenlike conduct.

    2010 Germany vs Argentina 4-0 (WC Quarterfinal)
    The Germans eliminated Argentina again.

    2010 Spain vs Germany 1-0 (WC Semi-final)
    Spain contained the German offence.

    2010 Spain vs Holland 1-0 (WC Final)
    Iker Casillas saved Spain.

    2010 Portugal vs Spain 4-0 (friendly)
    Portugal destroyed the WC holder.

    2011 Argentina vs Uruguay 1-1 (4-5) (Copa America)
    Great match!

    2012 Ukraine vs Sweden 2-1 (Euro 2012 Group Stage)
    Shevchenko proved that he still got it.

    2012 Italy vs Spain 1-1 (Euro 2012 Group Stage)
    Italy 3-5-2 formation with De Rossi playing defence.

    2012 Denmark vs Portugal 2-3 (Euro 2012 Group Stage)
    Late goal.

    2012 Sweden vs England 2-3 (Euro 2012 Group Stage)
    Both teams traded lead.

    2012 Portugal vs Holland 2-1 (Euro 2012 Group Stage)
    Ronaldo's show.

    2012 Ukraine vs Sweden 2-1 (Euro 2012 Group Stage)
    Shevchenko proved that he still got it.

    2012 Spain vs Portugal 0-0 (PK 4-2) (Euro 2012 Semifinal)
    Portugal stopped Spain and Spain stopped Ronaldo.

    2012 Italy vs Germany 2-1 (Euro 2012 Semifinal)
    Italy shocked the Germans.

    2012 Spain vs Italy 4-0 (Euro 2012 Final)
    Spain's best ever match.... strikerless formation.

    2012: Germany vs Sweden 4-4 (World Cup Qualifiers)
    Down by 4 goals and 28 minutes left, Sweden scored 4 goals and tied the host.

    2013 Brazil vs Spain 3-0 (Confederation Cup Final)
    Two of the best teams of the decade met for the first team.

    2013: Sweden vs Portugal 3-2 (World Cup Qualifiers)
    The battle between Ibrahimovic and Cristano Ronaldo. The team traded leads. Ibrahimovic scored two goals while Ronaldo scored a hat trick.

    2014 Columbia vs Greece 3-0 (WC Group Stage)
    Colombia looking to be the dark horse.

    2014 Uruguay 1-3 Costa Rica (WC Group Stage)

    2014 Uruguay vs England 2-1 (WC Group Stage)
    England went home.

    2014 Costa Rica vs Italy 1-0 (WC Group Stage)
    Costa Rica repeated their performance, and Uruguay and Italy must fight for their game.

    2014 Holland vs Spain 5-1 (WC Group Stage)
    Holland's revenge.

    2014 Brazil vs Chile 1-1 (PK 3-2) (WC Round of 16)
    Brazil survived.

    2014 Colombia vs Uruguay 2-0 (WC Round of 16)
    James Rodriguez and Colombia were the real deal.

    2014 Holland vs Mexico 2-1 (WC Round of 16)
    Holland scored two late goals and Mexico broken hearted.

    2014 Brazil vs Colombia 2-1 (WC Quarterfinal)
    Brazil looking great, but Neymar would be out of the WC Finals.

    2014 Holland vs Costa Rica 0-0 (4-3) (WC Quarterfinal)
    Krill's PK conduct and the end of a fairy tale for Costa Rica.

    2014 Brazilvs Germany 1-7 (WC 2014 semifinal)
    Brazil suffered their biggest loss in history. Just shocking.
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    Nat'l Team:
    The Belgium win over Argentina is in WC86.
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    SV Werder Bremen
    Korea was colonized by Japan in 36 years(1919-1945), therefore Korean had abhorrence for Japan at the time. President Rhee rejected entrying Japanese national football team, so all two matches played in Japan. The story is still told to this day, Lee(manager of S.Korea) told president Rhee 'If we are defeated by Japan, don't back and drown themself into Korea Strait.' Finally, S.Korea beat Japan(5-1, 2-2) they became first independent contury to participate World Cup in Asia.
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    SV Werder Bremen
    I suggest some matches

    1954 W.Germany 6-1 Austriad(WC semifinal)
    W. Germany demolished 'new wunderteam'

    1963 England 2-1 Rest of World XI(FA centenary match)
    Yashin got his nickname "Black Spider"

    1967 Albania 0-0 W.Germany(EC qualifier)
    Yugoslavia advanced quarter-final

    1968 Italy 2-0 Yugoslavia(EC final replay)
    Italy beat Yugoslavia in replay

    1983 England 0-1 Denmark(EC qualifier)
    Simonsen's pk

    1994 Russia 6-1 Cameroon(WC group stage)
    Salenko scored 5 goals

    1971 England vs West Germany 1-3 (Euro 1972 Qualifiers) was actually April, 1972.
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  13. Zandi360

    Zandi360 Member+

    Dec 10, 2013
    Nat'l Team:
    There's a mistake in Iran's result vs USA in 98, Iran won 2-1 not the US
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  14. Bauser

    Bauser Member+

    Dec 23, 2000
    Fredrikstad FK
    Many Denmark matches from the mid 80s mentioned so far in this thread, but not the most stand-out one; the 1985 World Cup qualifier against the USSR (4-2) in Copenhagen on Constitution Day. Two of the very best teams in the world at that particular time, and both on top of their game on the day. Looking back, most Danes will rate this game as the finest hour of the "Dynamite" era. Also because the Soviets were very good and could have deserved a 4-4 draw based on chances. Denmark's state-owned television even made an hour long documentary about this win recently.
  15. Excape Goat

    Excape Goat Member+

    Mar 18, 1999
    Real Madrid
    Sorry, i have a lot of typos. I know about Argentina - Belgium 0-1 at WC 1982, not 1986. And i know about the Iran-USA match. When you started typing 250 matches, my head went crazy. You guys know me better than that. :)

    And I admitted not knowing about the qualifiers. @Raute Thanks for the inputs.

    I nearly put Italy vs England (Euro 2012). Pirlo's penalty was exciting, but I recalled the match was dull. Any idea? When you reached past 40 years old, you don't remember the current matches as much as the older ones. I have difficulties recalling matches between 2008 and now, but everything seemed crystal clear about WC 1986, when I was a 16 years old boy.
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  16. Excape Goat

    Excape Goat Member+

    Mar 18, 1999
    Real Madrid
    I added a few of the suggestions above and I also added the following matches:

    1934 China vs Japan 4-3 (Far Eastern Championship)
    Three years after Japan invaded Manchuria and before the full-scare war between China and Japan.

    1937 Argentina vs Brazil (South American Championship playoff)
    Both teams were tied for the Championship. This match was a playoff, but the Brazilian players walked off because racist chants by the Argentinian fans. Known as the "game of shame".

    1938 Switzerland vs Germany 4-2 (WC Finals 1st round)
    Germany sent a team including Austrians after Anschluss, but lost to Switzerland. This match was a replay after a 1-1 draw.

    1991 Brazil vs Argentina 3-2 (Copa America)
    More red cards than goals scored.

    2006 Brazil vs Argentina 3-0 (Friendly)
    Kaka scoring his best ever goal.

    2008 North Korea vs South Korea 0-0 (WC Qualifier)
    The match was moved to Shanghai because North Korea refused to play South Korea's national anthem at home. They played each four times that WCQers. Both home for North korea were moved to Shanghai.

    2009 Brazil vs Egypt 4-3 (Confederation Cup Group Stage)
    Egypt caused troubles for Brazil.

    2009 USA vs Spain 2-0 (Confederation Cup semi-final)
    The USA upset Spain and stopped the Dream final between Brazil and Spain.

    2009 Brazil vs USA 3-2 (Confederation Cup Final)
    The American went 2 up before Brazil's comeback.

    2009 Algeria vs Egypt 1-0 (WC Qualifier Playoff)
    A North African derby. Both teams tied in the Final round and played an extra playoff match. Egypt's Golden Team never qualified for the WC Finals, despite dominating the African Nations Cup.
  17. Pipiolo

    Pipiolo Member+

    Jul 19, 2008
    Nat'l Team:
    Argentina won the CA91 match against Brazil. How many red cards were there?
  18. frasermc

    frasermc Take your flunky and dangle

    Jul 28, 2006
    Celtic FC
    Nat'l Team:
    There'll be quite a few classic encounters from the home nations championship.

    I particularly liked England - Scotland 1977. :D

    My father went on quite a few Wembley weekends including this one but he assured me he never set foot on the pitch. I believe him. :ninja:

    Stonewall pen in the first min of highlights. Not given! :mad:
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  19. Excape Goat

    Excape Goat Member+

    Mar 18, 1999
    Real Madrid
    Sorry again. Only 5 red cards. I counted 6 last night.
  20. PDG1978

    PDG1978 Member+

    Mar 8, 2009
    Nottingham Forest FC
    England 2 Scotland 3 from 1967 too:
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  21. frasermc

    frasermc Take your flunky and dangle

    Jul 28, 2006
    Celtic FC
    Nat'l Team:
    My dad only started going in the early 70's on the Wembley weekends. Looking through this thread brought it all back to me as he sadly passed away on Sunday.
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  22. PDG1978

    PDG1978 Member+

    Mar 8, 2009
    Nottingham Forest FC
    Sorry to hear that Fraser mate - best wishes to you. It's nice that you can look back on his good memories though, and I bet he enjoyed days like in 77 even if he didn't go on the pitch!
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  23. PuckVanHeel

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    Oct 4, 2011
    Yes true, I mentioned that above at post #3? Now we're talking about euro qualifiers; Excape Goat didn't mention the euro76 qualification group containing Netherlands, Poland and Italy (with only one progressing). It's perhaps by a margin the toughest group there was in the four and eight teams era (1968 to 1992; for 1960 and 1964 they didn't use a group format). Resulting in yellow cards, suspensions too.
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  24. PDG1978

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    Mar 8, 2009
    Nottingham Forest FC
    Yeah true, perhaps Yugoslavia vs France in 1988 (1990 WC qualifying) too?
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  25. Excape Goat

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    Mar 18, 1999
    Real Madrid
    @frasermc Take care!

    Meanwhile, I seemed to recall Belgium had a historical victory in the 1970's too.

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