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Discussion in 'Politics & Current Events' started by GringoTex, Sep 6, 2002.

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    I'll be handing out presents for the next couple of days.

    This one is for Ian:

    The "Star Spangled Banner" is too patriotic, divisive and political, so organizers of UC Berkeley's day-long tribute to the victims and heroes of 9-11 are excluding it. "God Bless America" is doubly excluded. Not only is it patriotic, but it also mentions God, something else that is taboo next Wednesday.

    The Sept. 11 Day of Remembrance, sponsored by the Chancellor's office, the student body government and the Graduate Assembly, will also feature student leaders distributing white ribbons, instead of the red, white and blue ones they had originally planned.

    "We thought that may be just too political, too patriotic," said Hazel Wong, chief organizer for the Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC). "We didn't want anything too centered on nationalism-anything that is 'Go U.S.A.'"

    Jessica Quindel, president of the Graduate Assembly, a key player in the planning, said the day's events are about more than just grieving. She said the day is, in fact, about politics. And it's not just about Sept. 11, but also the aftermath, including President Bush's response to the terrorist attacks.

    "We are trying to stay away from supporting Bush," Quindel said. "We don't want to isolate people on this campus who disagree with the reaction to Sept. 11."

    Quindel, a self avowed hater of the American Flag, the federal government, and the "Star Spangled Banner," said she is still patriotic. "It depends on your definition of patriotism. Everyone has a different definition," she said.

    Also, to prevent the exclusion of those who don't believe in the American Flag, there will be no tribute to the flag. "The flag has become a symbol of U.S. aggression towards other countries. It seems hostile," Quindel said.
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    I agree, my American flag was glaring at me the other day. It seemed hostile.
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    Re: Re: Goodbye presents

    One time I wore mine to a US game Superman style and it almost choked ME! DAMN YOU FLAG!!! YOU SONOVABITCH!
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    I don't understand why Americans want to celebrate as a patriotic event an occasion of a major tragedy and of us getting our butts kicked. This is victim-worshiping taken to some obscene level. Why are our heros pilots that get shot down or captured soldiers held in prison or kidnapped journalists or firefighters that didn't get out of a building because their radios didn't work?

    You know who is to fault for this? Phil Donahue. His lame show was full of idiots that got screwed somehow and they told their story to millions of people for sympathy. That sprang all these Ophra and other talk shows, and these stupid million dollar judgements for people that trip on the sidewalk. Phil turned us into a nation of losers.
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    Re: Re: Goodbye presents

    It could just be on the wrong diet.
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    Re: Re: Goodbye presents

    I'm sorry, but for some reason I just enjoy this quote. May I use it in my sig?

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