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Discussion in 'Books' started by coachklowco, Dec 5, 2004.

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    With as many lit journals as there are (online and off) it is tough to find good ones without spending a fair amount of money. Seems like there are at least a handful on this board that have at least a passing interest in poetry. Anybody have good recommendations?

    A couple of my recommendations
    A poetry journal put out from Hocking College just outside of Athens Ohio. Does a pretty good job of mixing known and unknown poets. Ran into funding problems during their last run, but had an increase in private funding that should keep them going for sometime. Bonnie Proudfoot is one of the editors of the journal and does a first class job.

    The Millennium Papers-
    A good friend of mine runs this site, Bryan Nally. It is an online only site. A bit of everything here, music, poetry, fiction, art. Some really good poetry. Some on the site that I like are Bryan Nally and Neil Decker. Decker's 'I feel like my refrigerator' and 'Camaro' are two of my favorites on the site.

    Anybody got any other ones to recommend, any that we should stay away from?
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