Good God almighty do I hate these b**tards!

Discussion in 'Arsenal' started by Coach_McGuirk, Oct 31, 2004.

  1. Coach_McGuirk

    Coach_McGuirk New Member

    Apr 30, 2002
    Between the Pipes
  2. TxTechGooner

    TxTechGooner we're having fun here, no?

    Feb 24, 2003
    ya coach, that is just typical stuff by fergie... i just dismiss his comments.. no waste of sleep over it... he should duck when pizza comes a flyin tho!!! :D
  3. SLO-Gunner

    SLO-Gunner New Member

    Mar 11, 2003
    I just read this on newsnow before coming to the boards and for fvcks sake, there is no bigger schwanz-head than SRN. And this after all the Mancs innundated the boards last week with their nonsense about Red Nose being the bigger man and always gracious no matter what the situation. Yeah, real big of him to have 3 points handed to him and still complain about this utter made up shite. Calling him a moron would be to raise his status.
  4. Coach_McGuirk

    Coach_McGuirk New Member

    Apr 30, 2002
    Between the Pipes
    It's not like anyone from Arsenal had to bring RvN's tackle to the FA's attention. All of the announcers were screaming bloody murder when it happened, and I don't remember hearing a peep out of them when Henry had his little run in with Heinze.

    I'm sure now that they couldn't take care of business against Pompey they'll go back and find more incidents from the game to stew over.

    Enjoy duking it out for that UEFA Cup spot, boys!
  5. bigp

    bigp New Member

    Mar 8, 2004
    Who actually cares about what he says. I don't think the FA would suspend anyone for anything that was done or else you will see A LOT of teams handing them tapes of incidents during and after the game. That would just defeat the purpose of having referees.

    We should all take pleasure in the fact that Fergie seems more interested in our team than his own. It just shows how far Arsenal is ahead of his shiet team.
  6. Przybylinski

    Przybylinski New Member

    Apr 28, 2004
    Arsenal FC
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    It's all Bullsh1t. Sir Red Nose needs to just go back to focusing on his team and not worry about a game of the past. It obvious he hates Arsenal and he got his revenge last week now he needs to let it be. Go away Red Nose.
  7. Forza Badger

    Forza Badger New Member

    Aug 29, 2004
    Also, ManU lost 2-0 to Portsmouth. :D

    So much for the Arsenal game as being a turning point.
  8. otterulz

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    Jun 20, 2002
    LIC, NY
    Arsenal FC
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    United States
    How do you come out with this sort of claim a week after the match and days after Ruud was charged? Is this some sort of delayed response or does he need to take things out on Arsenal after his team lost to Pompey? God, the man baffles me.
  9. Lanesra

    Lanesra BigSoccer Supporter

    Feb 13, 2003
    Come on coach, give him a break, you must've been there, drink to much, talk bollocks, it's the way of the world :)

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