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Discussion in 'USA Men' started by cwnunited, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. cwnunited

    cwnunited Member

    May 9, 2004
    Surprise of the decade = Quaranta- Still shocked about this one but now I hope he gets some time so I can see what the hell Bruce was thinking here. I'm DCU for sure, which makes me think there's more than a few of US scratching our heads....

    Best part is....he's Eddie Johnsons "replacement" C'mon Q1, play up!

    Missing out = Albright- he got hurt at the worst time. Would have liked to have seen him get a month of experience. Seen good and bad things but think he could be WC 06 sitting behind Dolo.

    Welcome Back, I guess = Sanneh and Armas - am I the only one who thinks maybe Armas' most appreciated USMNT career should have already ended?

    Biggest ?- Ok, i guess Tino is the answer to this, but where are the forwards on this roster?? Are they really all hurt?

    Anyway, here's my 11.



    -----Beasly--------Dempsy(A)-------Pablo (D)---------O'Brien------



    Olsen gets some time, replace Beasly by the 70th.
    Noonan replaces Wolf by the 75th.
    Ralston replaces O'Brien by 75th.
  2. Steel Keeper

    Steel Keeper Member

    Jun 5, 2005
    Few things:
    -Gooch will start. He might play more than anyone else. He has limited international experience but is vital to our success in Germany. This will move either Boca in Heydude's spot or Pope to the bench.

    -Donovan won't play up top too much, they'll try to keep him in the A-mid spot where he will be used in qualifiers and Germany. That will move Dempsey out to right right and Beasley to the left and JOB either to Pablo's spot, left back or the bench. The XI won't be the same every time and I don't expect JOB to play every game.

    -I suspect to see our strongest XI for the Costa Rica game. If it were me it would be:







    -* signifies that they play every game, barring injury or lack of form
    -JOB play left back for one game and Pablo's spot for one game
    -Pablo plays two games at DM
    -Hejduk plays two games at left back.
    -Wolff and Noonan play two games. Costa Rica with one another then each plays with a different partner the other game. Preferably Wolff with Casey in vs Canada.
    -Quaranta and Casey with Noonan wide right against Cuba.
  3. orbie

    orbie New Member

    Jul 9, 2003
    What can anyone tell me about Eddie Johnson's replacement?

    Doesn't Beasly play up front with success at PSV? And could Eddie Lewis, not hold down the left side?

    I'm a little concerned with our depth up front.
  4. flowergirl

    flowergirl Member+

    Aug 11, 2004
    panama city, FL
    Columbus Crew
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    umm.. you might want to rework your rosters, seeing as how Boca's not in camp. ;)
  5. ddw31089

    ddw31089 New Member

    Jun 14, 2004
    Gothenburg, Sweden
    I have to admit that about 5-6 weeks back I was really excited about this tournament and the prospect of getting an extended look at guys like E. Johnson, Twellman, and possibly even Spector. But now Johnson and Twellman are out with injuries and Spector (probably deservedly considering his fitness) didn't get a call-up.

    Now I think the only things that really interest me are the form of Gooch and O'Brien. As deep as some people think our team is both of these guys should take a starting spot into the next world cup if they are healthy.

    I suppose if Gooch looks steady and can get some more experience and O'Brien can get some PT and stay healthy then this tournament can be considered a success.

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