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    May 27, 2003
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    Matt Murray has been ruled out of the game tomorrow at Middlesborough due to a foot injury. A X-ray revealed what the club is calling a "hot spot" on his foot, which will need more tests, meaning that he could be out for longer than just this match coming up.
    Due to this injury, the only goalkeeper available for Wolves aside from Michael Oakes is 17 year old Academy trainee Carl Ikeme, who was on the bench for the Carling Cup match with Burnley. Wolves applied for a special dispensation to sign a goalkeeper outside of the Transfer window, however that request was denied yesterday by the FA. The reasoning is that Wolves should have been carrying 3 goalkeepers at the start of the season, and by only carrying 2, this was a risk they were taking.
    So, Wolves are left with 4 options for tomorrow:

    -Put Ikeme on the bench again, and run the risk of having to hand a 17 year old his professional debut in the highest league in the country.

    -Sign a goalkeeper who is currently out of contract

    -Sign a goalkeeper from one of the clubs currently in administration (Wimbledon, Luton, Barnsley, Oldham, and Notts County)

    -Put Mark Kennedy in as an emergency keeper (Apparently he has experience)

    Wolves were hoping to rush something through today, however there is no news yet.

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