Georgia Force leaves to gwinett Again, the Good and Bad.

Discussion in 'Atlanta United FC' started by DCUdiplomat96, Sep 12, 2007.

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    well arthur blank is your typical tycoon if i was a psychic person i would say the falcons would mve within another ten yrs to i dont know lawrence ville????

    im not a falcons fan nor a fans of blank but this move of the georgia force back to gwinnet arena is good and very bad move.

    good= cheaper than the phillips arena

    bad= no acess to marta, gwinett transit dont count

    good=closer to Flowery branch i guess??

    bad= you lose the down town fan base and the easier convience.

    i know this is a soccer forum but since this is atlanta related i felt it should be feed on.. lets eat:mad::D
  2. FC Zanarkand Abes!

    Aug 13, 2007
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    ...I was surprised to hear this...

    ...this must make a WNBA franchise even more attractive to Philips Arena... long Force...we barely knew ye :D
  3. DavidP

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    Mar 21, 1999
    Powder Springs, GA
    It's actually a good thing, because it's a smaller hall, and the tix will reportedly be cheaper. Also, most of the Arenaball fans are in the 'burbs. I may not go to a game there, but then, I didn't go when they were at Philips, either :D.
  4. FC Zanarkand Abes!

    Aug 13, 2007
    Resurgens Atlanta FC
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    I finally made time to go to a game this year (I'm usually not in town during their season), and they're really fun to watch!

    It's a shame for those of us that don't live near Gwinnett; I love having MARTA access to (almost) every other sports venue in town (but I don't mind driving to ReMax) :D

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