General Eredivisie Thread 2014-2015

Discussion in 'The Netherlands' started by DRB300, Jul 30, 2014.

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    That guy would get the best of of attacking players albeit his methods were rather strange to say the least
  2. You're kidding me;):p
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    It's going to take Twente some time to figure out a working strategy. Right now they have multiple players on loan or newly acquired that haven't formed much team chemistry yet. Especially the new defensive pairing of Uvini and Katsikas who haven't been all that convincing so far. They'll have to rely on Ziyech to carry most of the offensive production.
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    I'll try to submit every week my team and player of the week as I'm able now to see most Eredivisie matches. I'm choosing only my team's first round now since, due to lack of time, wasn't able to watch second round games but two:

    1) Hanssen (Ado)
    2) Tete (Ajax)
    3) Veltman (Ajax)
    4) St Juste (Heerenveen)
    5) Cavan (Heerenveen)
    6) Van den Boomen (Heerenveen)
    7) El Ghazi (Ajax)
    8)Tibbling (Groningen)
    9) Kazim (Feyenoord)
    10) Bel Hassani (Heracles)
    11) Gyasi (Roda)

    Player of the week: Branco Van den Boomen (Heerenveen)
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    Appreciate the Heerenveen recognition. We found some real gems on the summer transfer market with vd Boomen and Cavlan. St. Juste is certainly one of the rising defenders this season to watch in Eredivisie. IMO, Simon Thern also deserves an honorable mention.
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    Someone ought to create a thread for the current season just to keep things tidy. The title here is for last year!;)
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    Done. Please make sure to make a choice in the Poll.
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