Gazza or Buddle/Washington

Discussion in 'D.C. United' started by The Artist, Jul 28, 2002.

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    This thread will proably be obsolete in a day, but it seems likely DC will make a trade with Columbus. Columbus needs defense and we need offense. I think Namoff's gone (that's why he got the start in Columbus, to let Andrulis see him) and in return we'll likely get a discovery pick (Gazza) or a forward. I'd expect Columbus would be far more willing to give up Dante than Edson because of age but Dante's been getting minutes and scoring goals for the Crew and Andrulis and Smith seem to make stupid trades all the time. Obviously our biggest need right now is a goalscorer and if we could get a big young American that would be a smart trade. On the other hand our team might really benefit by having someone on the team, even if it's just for a year, who can push Etch and solidify the midfield. With Q2 and Moreno and a healthy Santino next year we might have enough forwards. There's also the media effect of Gazza to consider and the possible Hristo effect on our young guns.
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    I really don't see us getting anyone but a discovery pick for one player we might send them.
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    Jul 22, 2002
    The Crew would have to be virtually brain dead to trade Washington for Namoff. Namoff has promise, but it is still just that,promise. Washington is a known quantity and, right now, a valuable one for Columbus. After all, the Crew have kept Cunningham on the bench in order to play Washington. I don't know much about Buddle. He might be on a par with Namoff. Hudson is so desperate to make changes right now, the Crew should be able to force a good deal.
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    Dante Washington would benefit DC right now much more than Gazza or Namoff would. Namoff doesn't have nearly as much potential as Edson Buddle does, and if Columbus traded him to us they would clearly be on some drug I can't even imagine.

    With our finishing right now, you could put Zidane in our midfield and we'd still manage to miss chance after chance.
  6. GoDC

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    Yes, but Gazza gets Williams or McKinley off the field. A huge gain that may let us play 0-0 games the rest of the season.
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    Dnate has more impact then GAZZI....
    I cant beleive I am wasting my time on this thread, anyway I hope they do something.
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    And wouldn't that be lovely? ;)

    I can't believe you're wasting my time either.
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    The Rapids waived Marvin Quijano in order to make room for Musa Shannon. Maybe ... LOL

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