GAMEDAY 29: FCD @ RSL Wednesday Sept. 20, 2023 7:30pm

Discussion in 'Real Salt Lake' started by goobx1, Sep 18, 2023.

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    June's form aside, this isn't a more talented team.
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    I think it is an indictment of the way this team is being set up and coached that with 5 games left they are giving up sloppy turnovers that lead to easy, tap in, goals. The defense is listless and players are disengaged and look absolutely lost a lot of the time.

    This team needs a change. Or at least a slump busting type of team outing. Something.

    I would lament the fact that Chang got the start but he looked like one of the best players in the first half. Why the eff Damir Kreilach is seeing the pitch during a game, let alone practice, is beyond me. He is beyond toast. It's really kind of sad.

    This team is looking like it needs a change. I would love to see a formation change up top. They just don't have a decent partner for Chicho. Even if Moose wasn't doing his best to get out of town. Rubio, Julio, Dami, and anyone else they play next to him are just not up to the challenge of scoring a goal. Any goal.

    Chicho, planned or not, spent a lot of time coming back into the midfield looking for the ball. Whether it's starting in a 433 or 4231 this 442 just isn't working.

    Why not try something like:

    Brody/Bode/Eneli, Glad/Lambert?, Vera/Silva, Oviedo? Man, the back line is looking weak. Weird?

    Palacio, Ojeda
    Gomez, Luna, Savarino

    You could still get 6 players forward as Pablo was talking about in the post game with the backs coming forward but you also can leave the two midfielders back for better defensive coverage and have more playmakers, whoever they are, creating for the always hard charging Chicho.

    The subs were nuts. What the hell is Loffelsend going to do to impact the game? Besides easy turnovers?

    The pressure from hear on out is just going to be immense. A lot of it self inflicted. It's never over 'til its over but Saturdays game is looking pretty damn important.

    Vancouver has to be smelling the blood in the water.

    Whoever was predicting that RSL could get to 52 points over the last couple of weeks must have been smoking some pretty good weed. I was sitting next to another podcaster last night in the press box, who first thing said that he thinks RSL finishes at 52 points. I chuckled and said not a chance. UNLESS they play well in the next 2 games. And that is a big UNLESS.

    This team looks lost. Looks like Pablo and his magic mushrooms, sayings, mantras, and incense will have to work overtime before Saturday.
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    This really isn't a more talented team. Losing Ruiz has really exposed the fact that this is a group of good or maybe, good, players.

    It's a team that has to play better than the sum of it's parts and when it can't, it really can't.

    I was thinking about this on the drive home. Not trying to compare this team to the 2009-2013 teams but just using it as a reference or measuring stick this team just doesn't add up to anything but

    For example:

    Rimando > The entire GK group on this team put together. Just a little exaggeration.

    Beltran/Russell/Wingert > Brody/Bode/Oviedo/Vera?

    Borchers/Olave >>>>> Glad/Silva/Vera

    Javi/Beckerman >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the entire midfield

    and it just goes on and on. I do think that players can be mythologized and back my day, yada, yada, yada, but It is an interesting exercise.

    I do think that Chicho and Ruiz could probably find a spot on the great teams of the past but would anyone else on this current roster? Luna might have the potential but he can't find any playing time.

    Maybe a Dami is his prime but not today. And there have been others that maybe could have fit the bill as well, Rusnak comes to mind but really who else?

    I know it's not a fair comparison BUT fact that it's pretty obvious that so few of the current players could even be considered anywhere near as good as players in the past really shows how much more work is needed for this roster. It's is an arguably deeper roster but I would really expect a few more players to jump out in my mind that are players you just can't live without.

    Beyond Chicho and Ruiz, which is a little hard for me to say but Pablo has really become a player I like for the most part, but beyond those two is there a player you just can't live without?

    Do you really need Sava and the drama or would you trade him for a similar or better player/s?

    There are some good young players for sure, Luna, Eneli, Palacio, Gomez, etc., and I am not trying to suggest that RSL goes and blows up this team but the truth of the matter is if you don't have a coach that can this group to play as a team that is greater than the sum of it's parts then you either need to get a coach that can, or, get Pablo a team that doesn't need him to be more than just the guy that rah, rah's, them during the week.

    Getting close to thinking that this team might need a new gaffer if they aren't able to go out and get more players like Chicho.
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    I don't ever recall seeing us come out so flat in the 2nd half, and the crowd went silent, too (except for the guy in front of us who wouldn't stop yelling at the linesman). 20 minutes into the 2nd half, you could hear the players talking to each other. Not a good sign.
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    This team is absolutely more talented than the one at the beginning of the season. I wasn't trying to compare it to the best teams in the league or one of the best teams in league history.

    Just trying to get to the point that I think goobx1 is making. Pablo can coach guys up to be better than the sum, but once the level of talent is high enough (or the message gets old), that doesn't work anymore. I'm not sure if he knows how to coach any other way though.

    Obviously, the level of talent in MLS will keep going up. I'm optimistic that RSL will at least try to be competitive (look how easy it is to make the playoffs), so there's always a chance for a nice run now and then. I think RSL will have to move on from Pablo if they want to stay competitive in MLS, he just hasn't shown that he can lead a more talented roster.
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