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Discussion in 'Sporting Kansas City' started by Uppa 90, Mar 10, 2019.

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    Welcome again to a year of SKC.

    Except it doesn't feel like opening day... because it feels like we have already played a full season. We've travelled more in the last 4 weeks to earn us on early boarding access on every airline. In fact, we have had our ups and downs and slumps already. Our amazing run came at the expense of Toluca. Our tough luck and sloppy decisions came in LA. Our August swoon came during our match in Panama.

    So consider this that late midseason rebirth.

    It's cold still.

    It's an hour earlier that I want it to be.

    But let's get this season restarted, with our push to the playoffs beginning here... 900' above sea level.

    In the heart of America.

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    Temp. is not bad. I'm in the stadium and it's comfortable. My usual companions are out of town at a wedding so I'm here by myself.

    C'mon you Wizards, 3 points, please.
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