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    (note: I am leaving on a weeklong vacation very early Saturday morning, so this must be posted now instead of tomorrow, as I have traditionally posted it on opening day)

    Game Day, Yo – 2010

    The time is at hand yet again.

    With the spring comes the rebirth, the evolution of the next year’s crop, and the eternal optimism that rises like the sun. This year, it seems, has the greatest of evolutions. New faces will sprinkle the green pitch that only yesterday seemingly startled us with sorrow. With a confidence unfitting for the past years of drought, our pledge to our team waters the fields of competition with a desire unlike years past. It is filled with the realization that, indeed our future is great. It is being constructed right before our eyes. Neither bright of day, nor dark of night has stopped it so far, and our wish is that nothing will.

    It will be a great thing to witness the actual future being built each time the drive is made.
    The concrete pouring into the ground is the watering of the garden of progress. Like the great architecture climbing toward the heavens down the road, the ascension of the 2010 Wizards up the table is a dear hope indeed. It has manifested itself after a long offseason of negotiations, trades, giveaways and conflict. The squabbling is fixed, the contracts are signed, the roster is established. It has emerged stronger, more efficient, and as we shall soon see, more defined on the field.

    The Wizards we see before us must now be called a true “team of the world.” Our scope of influence ranges from Europe to Asia back again. It isn’t something that the fans may be used to, but something that will be appreciated when the game unfolds beautifully in front of us.

    I look to 2010 as a garden of possibilities. An opportunity in this World Cup year to set precedent on how a small town team can achieve the ultimate after squandering the years of possibilities.

    I can hear the excitement. I can feel the growth, a groundswell of youth, teamwork and unity. It is here, finally, the dawn of spring and the sport of the world is back in the city.

    When reaping time returns in the fall, let us not falter in our steadfast desire to bring forth that which we sowed so proudly. It is 2010. It’s ready to begin!

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    I always enjoy these. Here's to 2010!
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    It is NOW officially game day. See you all soon... :)
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    Here is to a glorious summer of 2010, the year MLS arrives on the national stage, the wizards winning the cup and of course the grand daddy of them all the World Cup!!! Couldn't ask for anything more. Cheers!!!
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    I'll show my "soccer age" and go with these expectations:

    USA get through the group stage.
    Wizards make the playoffs.

    2010 will be a "success" if that happens...a truly memorable summer would be a run in the World Cup similar to last summer at the Confed Cup.
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