Future College Cup Venues Announced

Discussion in 'College & Amateur Soccer' started by BigRedFootie, Oct 15, 2020.

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    May's college cup will still be in Santa Barbara. Here are the future cup locations:
    The NCAA 2020 May Cup is still in Santa Barbara and future sites have been named.
    Cup Hosts:
    2021 - WakeMed Soccer Park, Cary, North Carolina
    2022 - WakeMed Soccer Park, Cary, North Carolina
    2023 - Lynn Family Stadium, Louisville, Kentucky
    2024 - Sacramento Republic FC Stadium, Sacramento, California
    2025 - WakeMed Soccer Park, Cary, North Carolina

    See a pattern here? Three of five Cups hosted in Cary. It's always nice to play at home.
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    Thx - Has the B10 tournament been announced to be in Indiana, yet?
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    As a matter of fact, I don't think it was going to be in IN this year. Last year it was at MD. Remember, there hasn't actually been any sort of announcement about the whens or wheres of the fall "olympic sports" by the B1G.
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    fair enough about MD. I was out of state when the B10 was here. Oops!
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    Having been to the soccer version of the Frozen Four, in Philadelphia/Chester three times, I understand seeking a warmer venue, but I would like to see greater variety in the College Cup choices.
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    100% agreed. SO many great warm-weather venues out there that could host. However, have to wonder how many of them put in to host. NCAA can't select a location that doesn't want to be considered.
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    Jan 31, 2003
    Yeah - that was cold!!
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    I wonder what the typical profit/loss from holding the College Cup is, especially for northern sites although somewhere like Hoover, AL or somewhere out west wouldn't be much different with the exception of weather. You would think that and a local team making the CC would be major influences on revenue. I suspect hosting is a total crap shoot from an accounting perspective so it doesn't make sense for very many venues to take the risk.

    I guess that all assumes the venue/organizing school is reliant on attendance instead of getting a flat fee for hosting...
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    I don't know if Kennesaw State has put in to host but they have a state of the art facility in Fifth Third Bank Stadium. It's also very accessible being located in the northern suburbs of Atlanta and only about 35 miles from Hartsfield Airport.


    I posted what is below about two years ago on this forum and have copied and pasted it:

    The College Cup location is mapped out for the next 3 years. It's back at Wake Med (Cary) next year in 2019, then back to Santa Barbara in 2020, then Cary again in 2021.

    Atlanta would be a good location. The field that Atlanta United plays on, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, wouldn't be a good option. It has a synthetic surface and is cavernous. It would not be a very intimate setting.

    A good Atlanta location would be Kennesaw State University at Fifth Third Bank Stadium. It is easily accessible off of 285 in the north-western suburbs. It hosted the Women's College Cup in the early '10s. FifthThird Bank Stadium was the home field of the now defunct women's professional team, the Atlanta Beat. Interestingly, Atlanta United did use this facility this past summer when they played a USL team in the Lamar Hunt Cup. The venue seats a bit over 8000 and is home to Kennesaw State's men's football team, the women's soccer and lacrosse teams, and the Atlanta Blaze men's professional lacrosse team.

    Also, of interest at this venue, is the playing surface. I'm a soccer purist and believe that soccer should be played on grass but the KSU facility uses something called PlayMaster. PlayMaster is really unique in that it is natural grass that is combined with artificial fibers. KSU may have been the first venue in the United States with this surface. I was a bit skeptical about this surface when I first heard about it but Man U uses it at Old Trafford. If it's good enough for Man U, it's good enough for the College Cup. GrassMaster is another variation of the surface and is made by the same company. Ajax, Juventus, Liverpool, Barcelona, and many other clubs are beginning to install this surface in their stadiums. It's going to become a big thing over the next few years.

    Here is more about PlayMaster, the surface of Fifth Third Bank Stadium:

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