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Discussion in 'Movies, TV and Music' started by OhioDuran, Aug 5, 2002.

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    I haven't posted on here in forever.

    Full Frontal is a rotten rotten movie. I was looking forward to it too much (first mistake). Everything else Soderbergh has done, I've more or less enjoyed. This was supposed to be a return to his indie roots like "sex, lies and videotape" which was more or less perfect. But it was just awful.

    Some of the writing/dialog was pretty clever, and the performances were good. Catherine Keener is way more beautiful than I've ever seen her.. And
    Mary McCormack was rockin', like a young husky Elisabeth Shue. That sounds worse in print than it was on screen. David Duchovny was in it for -- oh -- maybe 3 minutes. Brad Pitt was in it more. Nicky Katt was pretty good..

    I'm the world's worst reviewer. But the film was about very little other than how vacuous LA is, which Altman's "The Player" did as just subplot way better than Soderbergh did here. Handheld video cameras ridiculously grainy and out of focus? Big deal.

    Did anyone else see it??

    Still wretching,
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    I was thinking about seeing it this past weekend, but the NYT's review of it, which was slightly less enthusiastic than yours, helped me save my time and 7 bucks. :)

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