FSA UK: What do fans want from a return in the women’s game?

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    Posted on 23rd July 2020

    'The FSA are gathering the views of fans of women’s football across the country on how they believe football can safely return from its COVID-19 suspension with spectators in the stands.

    2017 at The Hive, London Bees - (img:Katie Chan, cc-by-sa)

    'The survey, which will run until 7th August, will help form a picture of the attitudes of spectators to a restart in the top four leagues of the women’s game [...]
    'FSA women’s football lead Deborah Dilworth said “It’s of the utmost importance that football supporters are heard in any discussions about the restart of football.
    “We want to gather the most accurate view of supporter opinion in the women’s game and feed that back to the FA, so we urge everyone to complete the survey and share it among their fellow fans”.'
    - (from TheFSA.org.uk)

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